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Sony and Samsung’s Latest Innovations Revealed at CES 2022

Technological Advances Bring Stunning, Lifelike Images to Home Theaters

Sony and Samsung’s Latest Innovations Revealed at CES 2022

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has provided the largest global stage for innovative new products and technologies for over 50 years. A few of the categories we pay close attention to every year include audio and video, home entertainment, and smart home and appliances. This year’s 2022 event was once again filled with incredible inventions in these areas and others. A few of the mentionable items include Cambridge Audio’s high-end turntable, a Smart kitchen faucet by Moen, and Mark Levinson’s first headphones. 

It was a solid year for the audio-video industry, with high-quality, or should we say “higher-quality,” TVs and large displays taking center stage. As a premier home theater company and automated solutions provider serving Seattle, WA, we partner with the top companies in the industry. To say we were excited to see the remarkable technologies unfolding, especially among two of our favorite brands, is an understatement.

Let’s look at what the two leaders in electronics and entertainment are offering the world in high-end, cinematic-quality TVs and sound in 2022. 

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Sony Master Series A95K

Sony leads the pack in OLED technology, delivering RGB QD-OLED. This means a broader color spectrum and brighter tones, with millions of self-illuminating pixels offering more beautiful shades and hues than ever before. The new technology is derived from the quantum dots in their OLED panel, eliminating the need for a white subpixel. It also comes with an enhanced Acoustic Surface Audio+ that matches the images on the screen with the position of the sound, creating an immersive audio-visual experience. Additionally, Sony’s new BRAVIA CAM tracks where viewers are sitting and optimizes the image and sound accordingly. When no one's in the room, the camera simply turns the TV off.

Sony’s First Mini-LED Models

Sony also announced their 2022 BRAVIA XR Lineup, including the Z9K with 8K resolution and the X95K. Both use mini-LED technology and their backlight master drive technology. This delivers immersive content with extraordinary contrast between deep blacks and dazzling lights.

Samsung’s Newest Models

Samsung announced new models of its MICRO LED and Neo QLED TVs. A few of the most significant advancements include introducing their Real Depth Enhancer technology to the Neo Quantum processor, adding a three-dimensional quality that brings images to life. 

Their MICRO LED model now comes in 89, 101, and 110-inch sizes, and its speakers can play Dolby Atmos for multi-dimensional sound. Their state-of-the-art display consists of 25 million micrometer-sized LEDs that each produce their own color and light, and updated hardware innovations support 20-bit greyscale depth. This translates to vivid detail expressed in stunning, lifelike colors and a heightened level of contrast and clarity. 

The art mode also lets you turn your TV into media pieces by the artist Refik Anadol and the multi-view allows you to view content from four different sources simultaneously. 

Samsung’s The Freestyle Projector

This portable, smart projector uses the same technology as Samsung's latest TVs, including their Crystal LED picture processing. It offers a 30 to100-inch picture and 360-degree sound and weighs less than two pounds, letting you set up a portable home theater anywhere, even outdoors!

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