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Step into the New World of 8K with These Sony TVs

Discover the Magic of Sony’s Z8H and MASTER Series Z9G 8K TVs

Step into the New World of 8K with These Sony TVs

8K TVs are here, offering four times the resolution of your 4K TVs. Now with the slow but certain arrival of 8K content and HDMI 2.1 support, which allows for 8K passthrough from video sources to your TV, you may be looking to upgrade the TVs in your home theater or media room to enjoy the world of 8K.

If so, look no further than Sony. Sony 8K TVs feature rich contrast and gorgeously saturated color, impeccable video processing, and extreme HDR-friendly brightness to transform the way you watch and play. Currently, Sony offers two 8K TV series: The Z8H and MASTER Series Z9G. Below, we’ll take a quick look at both to help you decide which may be the best fit for you and your Phoenix, AZ home.

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Sony Z8H 8K TV

Powered by Sony’s acclaimed X1 Ultimate processor, the Z8H offers extraordinary resolution, whether native or upscaled 8K, for scenes rich in depth and detail. See deeper blacks and brighter highlights on a Full-Array LED TV screen with local dimming, which delivers more accurate contrast than standard LED TVs.

The Z8H features object-based HDR remastering, which analyzes and adjusts the color of individual objects on screen for more realistic picture. Enjoy a wider, more precise range of colors than conventional TVs with Sony’s TRILUMINOS technology, powered by the X1 processor. Plus, Sony’s X-Wide Angle panel ensures colors stay true from wherever you’re sitting.

Audio reproduction is out of this world with Acoustic Multi Audio technology, which includes speakers that are integrated into the TV frame. The vibrating frame tweeter enables sound to follow the action for a truly immersive experience, and the rear-integrated subwoofer brings out the bass-heavy sound ideal for action movies and music.

Regardless of the light levels in your room, the Z8H looks perfect with picture optimization capabilities, changing brightness output based on your room conditions. Ambient optimization technology also automatically adjusts picture and sound precisely to your environment.

The Z8H is an Android TV, which gives you instant access to vast amounts of content and apps, as well as voice control. Choose from two immersive TV screen sizes: 75 inches or 85 inches.

Sony MASTER Series Z9G 8K TV

With so many impressive features packed in the Z8H, you may wonder what sets the Z9G apart. Truthfully, both models are very similar in picture performance. Both are backed by the powerful X1 Ultimate processor and feature X-Wide Angle and Acoustic Multi Audio technologies, object-based HDR remastering, TRILUMINOS for truer colors, and optimization capabilities for picture and sound.

But the Z9G stands out in three major ways. First, it’s part of Sony’s luxury MASTER Series line of TVs, which are specifically designed to meet the strict criteria of Sony’s top engineers. Through the MASTER Series line, movie and video game creators can truly explore realize their imagination and see their vision reproduced in the home, from every subtle nuance of color to light levels and gradation.

Second, the Z9G features Sony’s Backlight Master Drive, which is their most advanced Full-Array LED panel technology. The Backlight Master Drive delivers a whopping 700+ local dimming zones and features calibrated beam technology to focus their light with exceptional precision. The result is much finer levels of light control for deeper blacks and brighter whites than other Full-Array LED panels.

Lastly, the Z9G TV is available at a jaw-dropping 98 inches, which may excite those who want a massive movie and gaming experience (and have the space for it). Of course, you can go slightly smaller and choose the 85-inch model, too.

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