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The Many Features of the Ready Wallplate by Lutron

Manage Your Home Effortlessly with Lutron Home Automation and

The Many Features of the Ready Wallplate by Lutron

At Wipliance, we provide customized home automation that simplifies our clients' lives and enhances their homes' interiors. One of the technology solutions we're excited to share is a device that offers effortless voice control of your environment. It was launched in the fall of 2021 and has changed how homeowners control their lighting and other connected devices. 

It's called the Ready Wallplate by Lutron. Let’s look at what Lutron home automation and offer homeowners in Scottsdale, AZ.

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What Is the Ready Wallplate?

Lutron, the global industry leader in lighting control, and, the voice assistant designed for smart homes, joined forces to revolutionize how we manage our smart homes forever. The result was the Ready Wallplate. 

This wallplate combines Josh Nano, the world’s first architectural microphone, with Lutron’s elegant keypads. Now, you experience Lutron’s tactile control and’s innovative voice control, managing just about everything in your home from one device. 

But it gets even better. 

Can I Control Dynamic Full-Spectrum LED Lighting?

For those of you who have yet to experience Lutron’s Ketra LED lighting, let’s share a quick rundown. This advanced LED lighting system offers every color in the visible light spectrum, all from one light source. This gives homeowners access to over 16 million light colors, creating scenes and moods for every occasion.

The Wallplate enables homeowners to ask Josh to change their lights to these incredible colors. For example, tell Josh to set the lights to Byzantine, and it understands you’d like the lights in the living room transformed to a dark purple hue.

Will Understand Me? is the only AI voice assistant explicitly designed for smart homes. This enables it to understand voice commands that other AI assistants may not recognize. It also understands compound commands and is contextually aware. This means it knows what room you’re in and understands your natural voice. 

Tell Josh to “lower the shades halfway,” and it lowers the window coverings in the living room because it understands that’s where you are. Additionally, when you’re making breakfast, you can ask Josh to brighten the lights in the kitchen and turn the morning news on at the nearby TV. Not only does Josh understand, but it understands your preferences over time, making your smart home truly smart. 

What Else Does the Ready Wallplate Do? 

The tactile buttons offer one-touch control of commonly used shading and lighting scenes. For example, tap the "Good Morning" button, and the lights transform to a soft yellow hue while the motorized shades open. Other common custom buttons include “Entertain” and “Relax.” Both activate customized scenes for the specific activity, changing the environment instantly. 

Should I Be Concerned About Privacy?

One of’s features we really appreciate is its attention to privacy. Unlike other voice assistants, Josh never uses your information for marketing purposes and stores data locally rather than in the cloud. You can also turn Josh off anytime.

At Wipliance, we specialize in creating easy-to-use smart homes with one-touch control. To learn more about using these voice-integrated keypads in your home or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.