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Whole-Home Lighting Control Sets the Perfect Light for Any Occasion

How Lighting Scenes Illuminate Your Day

Whole-Home Lighting Control Sets the Perfect Light for Any Occasion

One of the best features of smart home automation is how the technology makes daily life easier by automating things you do every day, saving you time for the things that really matter. Nowhere is that more evident than with smart lighting control. Lighting control can manage lights on schedules or turn something on or off based on your presence in the room — and these are but two examples.

When you equip your residence with a whole-home lighting control system, you can step up to more sophisticated automation that can make every aspect of your home life easier and more relaxing. The key feature is lighting scenes, where you can set a whole group of lights — from one room to your entire property — to specific settings to set a mood or ambiance or to illuminate any activity. Let’s look at a few ways lighting scenes can light up your life in Bellevue, WA.

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Awakening for the Day

You can wake up to a jarring alarm, but there are better ways. You can save a smart lighting scene for a gentle wake-up and start to your day. Your bedroom lamps can slowly ramp up in the morning in concert with your gentle musical alarm and your motorized shades that rise partway. The bathroom lights come on, but only the indirect ones. The path to the kitchen and coffee bar area is lit, ready for you to start the morning brew. Have kids? Their rooms can light up a bit brighter because they need a little more motivation.

Dropping the Kids at School

When you close the garage door as you leave to take the kids to school, another lighting scene triggers to turn off all the lights in the bathrooms and bedrooms. It's daytime, and your scene also raises the motorized shades to take advantage of natural light. Your partner is working from home today, so your scene doesn't turn off all the lights, but neither of you is wasting any time turning lights on or off! Your home is ready for the day.

Homework and Dinnertime

In the evening, your kids may need a little homework help as you work on dinner preparations. Your dining area is brightly lit for work, and the kitchen ambient and task lighting are also on for maximum visibility. When it's time for dinner, the push of a button on a customized wall-mounted keypad sets the stage for dinner, with softer lighting in the dining area on the chandelier and sconces and the kitchen softly lit for convenience and ambiance.

Weekend Entertainment

It's time to unwind and relax with friends on the weekend. One touch on a keypad or an app can transform your house for the party. Use indirect lighting in the kitchen, soft lights in the living and entertaining areas, and even shed color on your favorite art pieces with tunable LED lighting. If it’s warm enough to flow the party outside, your outdoor lights can welcome guests by highlighting trees and water features. When the party’s over, turning everything back to your regular programming is as easy as tapping one button.

Want to know more about how lighting scenes can light up your life? Wipliance can design the perfect lighting control system for your home and budget. For a free consultation, contact us here or send us a message below! We look forward to working with you.