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Why Home Audio Specialists Choose Focal Loudspeakers

Focal Offers The Ultimate High-Fidelity Audio for Home Theaters and Distributed Audio Systems

Why Home Audio Specialists Choose Focal Loudspeakers

At Wipliance, we specialize in smart home automation and high-performance audio-video equipment. This combined offering puts us in a unique position to create smart homes with entertainment systems that rival the best cinematic experience and the live music performances you love. 

As home audio specialists serving Scottsdale, AZ, one brand we recommend is Focal. Let's explore what makes this leading designer and manufacturer in the audio world one of our favorites. 

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Craftsmanship and Innovation

France-based Focal began over 40 years ago with one intention: to create sound as the original artist intended. Since then, they have used innovative technology to push the limits of sound, endearing them to audiophiles and high-fidelity enthusiasts worldwide.

Because of their continual advancements and commitment to research, they've developed proprietary uses with materials like aluminum, Kevlar, and beryllium- to help produce high rigidity, fast-reacting drivers. Another Focal innovation is their inverted dome tweeters that reduce distortion.

2-Channel Audio and Your Dedicated Listening Room

A dedicated listening room is about sitting back and indulging in a studio-recording quality of your favorite albums. For those lucky enough to have this space, it's hard to beat Focal's Utopia line. This luxury loudspeaker hit the market in 1995, setting the gold standard for accurate audio reproduction. 

The Grande Utopia EM Evo is a 4-way floorstanding loudspeaker with Focal's benchmark innovations, including the Neutral Inductance Circuits and Tuned Mass Damper, reducing distortion and delivering remarkable neutrality in the mid-range. Did we mention that they're beautifully designed? If not, we should have. Other focal loudspeakers to consider include the Sopra N2 and the Aria 926. 

Distributed  or Whole-Home Audio

A distributed audio system is composed of audio equipment tucked away in a cabinet, within walls and ceilings, or, for some audiophiles, left out on display. From here, audio is distributed to every room in the home, allowing all family members to share the same equipment and listen to different sources simultaneously. When the right equipment and speakers are used, you experience high-fidelity music throughout your home via nearly invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. 

Focal's 300ICW4 in-ceiling speaker is ideal for this use. It offers immersive sound and reproduction as the creator intended. In 2021, the innovative brand came out with the On Wall 300 line. In May 2022, they introduced their 300 ICA6, an angled in-ceiling hi-fi loudspeaker that greatly enhances 3D audio effects. 

The Ultimate Home Theater 

Dolby Atmos technology isolates each sound as if it was an independent audio object. It delivers sound effects that are realistic and powerful, creating an immersive, 3D cinematic experience. 

Focal's Sib Evo Dolby Atmos line came out in 2017, featuring speakers with Dolby Atmos technology. Then, in 2021, they delivered the ultimate home theater experience with their 1000 series--a customized series of integrated products that promises the highest level of stereo and home cinema reproduction. 

At Wipliance, our audio and home automation experts will help you determine the perfect speakers for every application. You'll find that no matter the room or use, Focal delivers sound reproduction like few other high-fidelity brands. To learn more about the Focal brand or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.