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Discover how our unique smart technology can help you boost your business in Seattle, WA. Learn everything there is to know about smart home automation, and find out how it can improve your Bellevue, WA residence.

Explore the Possibilities in Pure Audio with Focal Home Speakers

This Iconic Brand Delivers the Best in High-Fidelity Sound to Every Room

Explore the Possibilities in Pure Audio with Focal Home Speakers

Music has a profound effect on us as humans. According to John Hopkins Medicine, it can improve our sleep, enhance our moods and memory, and even reduce anxiety and pain. That’s powerful stuff.

At Wipliance, we partner with top audio manufacturers to bring our clients pure sound reproduction. While the health benefits are a wonderful addition, the experience of listening to high-fidelity music fill your home or excite your senses in your home theater is awe-inspiring. 

Focal home speakers are one of our favorite solutions for delivering the finest audio. Let's explore what they bring and why they stand at the top of their field.

Enjoy High-Resolution Music Via a Whole-Home Audio System

Revel in Beautiful Music Streaming Through Your Home

Enjoy High-Resolution Music Via a Whole-Home Audio System

Every culture in the world celebrates with music. It stirs our emotions, shapes our perceptions, and creates a soundtrack that is our life. As such, it deserves a special place in our homes. 

A high-end audio system in a dedicated listening room can offer an incredible experience, producing a realistic soundstage that takes you to the live performance or the recording studio. But what about the rest of your home? For many, their music comes from a stereo, mobile device, Bluetooth speakers, and headphones. 

There is a better way. A whole-home audio system brings high-performance music and other media to every corner of your home and into your outdoor spaces. Let’s explore the possibilities and what it offers your Bellevue, WA, home.

The Latest Recessed Lighting Offers Beauty and Elegance

The Benefits of Working with a Home Automation & Recessed Lighting Installation Company

The Latest Recessed Lighting Offers Beauty and Elegance

Recessed lighting offers benefits unlike any other type of lighting. It provides general ambient light that softly fills a room, focused task lighting to illuminate areas where we perform everyday activities, and accent lighting for our home’s best architectural features and fine works of art. 

This lighting promotes a clean, streamlined look, sitting flush with the ceiling. Thanks to today’s technology, it’s also effortless to manage and can incorporate today’s full-spectrum LED lighting. We are a home automation and recessed lighting installation company serving Kirkland, WA since 2006. We partner with leading brands to create custom technology solutions in lighting design and control.

Ready to Upgrade to Lutron RadioRA 3?

Learn About the Benefits and Features of Lutron’s Latest RadioRA 3

Ready to Upgrade to Lutron RadioRA 3?

As a Lutron Black Diamond Dealer, Wipliance is proud to partner with this global brand and leader in lighting control. In 1997, Lutron debuted RadioRA, a pioneering whole-home lighting control system hailed as the first wireless, radio frequency-based lighting control system offering 2-way feedback. 

In 2009, Lutron introduced the upgraded version, RadioRA 2 (RA2). Staying true to form, about 12 years later, in January 2022, the Lutron RadioRA 3 (RA3), offered the latest upgrade that continues the brand’s pioneering legacy into wireless lighting control. Keep reading below to see if upgrading to RadioRA 3 is right for your Bellevue, WA home.

Today’s Lighting Design Integrates Beauty and Elegant Control

Turn Your Home’s Lighting into a Work of Art

Today’s Lighting Design Integrates Beauty and Elegant Control

As the film director and artist Aaron Rose said so eloquently, “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” At Wipliance, as a lighting design company serving Median, WA, and the surrounding areas for over 15 years, we've watched how the right lighting can transform a home into a sanctuary and a backyard into an oasis. 

Today’s dynamic high-performance LED lighting combined with home automation enables us to change your home’s illumination in ways once unimaginable. Gone are the light switches and white lights that remain at a single-color temperature. Now, we experience lighting without limits.

Let’s explore the many possibilities in our new world of brilliant illumination.

Meet the Sunnata RF Keypad from Lutron

Hybrid Keypads with Dimmers and Keypad Functionality Now Available At Your Local Lutron Installer

Meet the Sunnata RF Keypad from Lutron

The all-new Sunnata RF keypad from Lutron is now available for order from Wipliance, your local Lutron installer. This keypad is perfect for either retrofit or new construction projects, as it relies on wireless technology through its RadioRa3 platform. And as they have in the past, Lutron always provides homeowners with a wide variety of customization options that will make the Sunnata RF keypad a perfect match for any home.

Continue reading to learn more about the new Sunnata RF keypad options available for order from your Lutron installer in the Seattle, WA, area.

Enjoy Incredible Lifelike Images with JVC Projectors

Wipliance Partners with JVC to Offer the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

Enjoy Incredible Lifelike Images with JVC Projectors

With home audio-video technology advancing at an incredible pace, it’s easy to see why more homeowners are opting to create the home theater of their dreams. It’s a space where friends and family gather to enjoy the latest movies and sporting events or binge-watch their favorite series. And it offers a better cinematic experience than the best movie theaters in town. 

At Wipliance, we’ve been designing and installing customized home cinemas in Bellevue, WA, and the surrounding areas for over 15 years. We've watched the possibilities transform from surround sound to Dolby Atmos and crystal-clear images to breathtaking realism. As the home theater company you've come to trust, it's our job to provide the latest innovative technology that's also effortless to control. 

To accomplish this, we partner with leaders in the industry. One of these brands is JVC. Let’s explore why they rank at the top for home theater projectors and how they're transforming the home theater experience.

How the New Halo Remote Can Transform Your Smart Home

Control4’s Latest Upgrade Offers a User-Friendly Interface and Integrated Voice Button

How the New Halo Remote Can Transform Your Smart Home

At Wipliance, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the latest technology in home automation for effortless management and increased enjoyment of their homes. That’s one of the reasons we partner with Control4, the leader in home automation. 

As a Control4 Diamond Dealer, we’ve witnessed their continual commitment to enhancing their technology, providing user-friendly, customized devices that make life easier. Once again, they’ve risen to the occasion with their new Control4 Halo Remotes.

Let’s explore their latest upgrade and what it offers Control4 smart homes in Bellevue, WA, and the surrounding areas.

Lutron, Wipliance? What Is the Difference?

Find out how a certified Lutron installer can help you boost the beauty and comfort of your home!

Lutron, Wipliance? What Is the Difference?

In our more than 15 years in the smart technology business, one common occurrence has always intrigued us. Often, homeowners looking to improve their lighting and shading solutions reach out to us… thinking we are Lutron. And just between us, it is quite an honor that they think of us this way! After all, Lutron is one of the world's most important manufacturers of lighting and motorized shades technology. 

But Wipliance is not Lutron. We are not a manufacturer. Instead, we are experienced smart home, and commercial automation specialists delivering high-end solutions to help families in the Seattle, WA, area make their lifestyles much more luxurious. This includes incorporating sophisticated lighting, climate, shading, entertainment, and home automation systems. 

Did you come across this blog trying to find Lutron solutions? Well, no worries! On top of being smart technology experts, we are also certified Lutron installers. Keep reading this blog to learn how Wipliance partners with Lutron to boost your living experience with this unique technology. 

Wipliance Wins Lutron’s Excellence Award for Spire Residences in Seattle

Wipliance and Lutron Bring Smart Lighting and Shading to a Luxury Condominium Tower

Wipliance, a premier Lutron dealer based in Bellevue, Washington, was recently honored to receive Lutron’s excellence award for a long-term project in Seattle. The Spire is a 343-residence luxury condominium tower in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, close to the city’s iconic Space Needle. A unique feature of this project was that it encompassed solutions found in both commercial and residential environments, and we are especially pleased with the opportunity to work on this project from its inception.

Lutron Homeworks and Triathlon motorized window shade solutions formed the core of smart solutions found throughout the tower. Keep reading to learn more about our collaboration with the building’s developers to bring these Lutron solutions to the Spire along with integrated audio, video and control. 

Having Guests? Let Your Home Automation System Lend You a Hand

How a home automation company helps you create a superior experience for guests visiting your home

Having Guests? Let Your Home Automation System Lend You a Hand

There’s nothing quite like sharing our homes with those we love the most. Whether you are hosting a backyard party for a few friends or having an out-of-town family member stay in your guest room for a few days, welcoming a loved one into your home can be a fun experience - yet challenging at times. Luckily, this is another one of those things where technology can lend you a hand.

Trust a professional home automation company with your smart home installations, and start making the guest experience in your Medina, WA, home much more luxurious and convenient. Keep reading this blog to learn all about the amazing ways smart technologies make your home more comfortable and suitable for your guests.

3 Elements You Just Can't Miss In Your Home Theater

Enjoy a superior entertainment experience with a professional home theater designer!

3 Elements You Just Can't Miss In Your Home Theater

There's nothing like enjoying the fun and excitement of the cinema in the comfort of your own home. In recent years, the popularity of home theaters has risen, and this has resulted in many different DIY options coming to market. Unfortunately, while these options might be inexpensive and easy to install, they can never offer you the luxury and high performance you and your family deserve. 

By trusting a professional home theater designer, you can rest assured that all your systems and devices will provide you with an outstanding entertainment experience so you can enjoy the best in films, music, sporting events, gaming and more. 

Keep reading this blog to learn more about the must-have elements a home theater designer willinclude when building a dreamy entertainment space for your Kirkland, WA, home.

The Right Landscape Lighting Turns Your Backyard Into an Evening Oasis

Combine the Latest Landscape Lighting Techniques and Technology for an Enchanting Backyard Retreat

The Right Landscape Lighting Turns Your Backyard Into an Evening Oasis

Today’s homeowners celebrate their outdoor areas, creating extensions of their homes where they gather with family and friends long into the evening. These areas may contain fireplaces, dining spaces, lounging areas, kitchens and grills, and even outdoor TVs and speakers for the ultimate entertainment. 

To get the most out of these spaces, we’re sharing a few of the key features of today’s outdoor lighting. Gone is the one-color illumination or the lights designed solely for safety. As a landscape lighting installer and home automation expert serving Bellevue, WA, for over 15 years, we’ve watched the transformation firsthand. 

At Wipliance, we work closely with our clients, creating the perfect space unique to their needs and lifestyle. Let’s explore the possibilities. 

Why a Home Audio Specialist Should Be Involved In Home Renovations

Integrate audio installations into your project and prepare your home for a top-level listening experience.

Why a Home Audio Specialist Should Be Involved In Home Renovations

No home is complete without those systems and devices that make every space more comfortable and enjoyable. A good example of this is high-performance audio solutions that allow you to bring more fun and entertainment to your everyday life. 

If you are planning on renovating or building a dreamy home from scratch, reaching out to a home audio specialist is a must. Keep reading below to learn more about the perks of having a professional team such as Wipliance involved in the audio installations for your Seattle, WA, home.

3 Reasons You Should Trust a Professional with Your Lighting Solutions

Get professional service and enjoy your home’s smart features to the fullest!

3 Reasons You Should Trust a Professional with Your Lighting Solutions

Lighting is an essential part of making your home a truly luxurious space. The proper lighting can completely change your room’s aesthetics and create a better atmosphere to enjoy every activity, from daily chores to fun gatherings with friends. However, in order to have the luxurious experience your family deserves, you need much more than what old-fashioned fixtures can do for you, and that’s where we come in! 

At Wipliance, we have a team of experienced home lighting consultants ready to provide you with the best smart lighting installations to make your home more beautiful, comfortable and inviting. Keep reading this blog to learn what our team can do for your Bellevue, WA, home.

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