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4 Hacks to Make the Most of Your Control4 Home Automation System

Discover the Unmatched Convenience of a Control4 Home!

4 Hacks to Make the Most of Your Control4 Home Automation System

Living a luxurious and convenient lifestyle is the goal of every modern homeowner in Coeur d’Alene, ID. To make this happen, many people have become increasingly interested in smart home platforms such as Control4, but the truth is that even those who already have a system in place can still be surprised by all the hacks a Control4 home automation system has to elevate their comfort. 

Are you curious about the unique ways this system can help you live your best life? Keep reading!

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Explore the User Management Feature

One of the reasons we love being partners with Control4 is their commitment to keeping their technology up to date. The most recent system update, OS 3.4, introduced an innovative user management feature that allows homeowners to create admin and standard account types, ensuring that only authorized individuals can extend invitations to new users, modify user information, define roles, and oversee account details. This marks a pivotal step towards reinforcing security and reliability within the system.

Create Personalized Scene Setups

Control4's scene feature is your ticket to instant ambiance transformation. Whether it's movie night, a cozy dinner, or winding down for bedtime, setting up personalized scenes can create the perfect environment with a single touch. Imagine the lights dimming to the perfect level, the thermostat adjusting to your preferred temperature, and your favorite playlist gently serenading you as you relax in your living room. Simply customize your scenes to match your lifestyle, and let Control4 take care of the rest!

Speak Your Mind with Voice Control

Take your hands-free control to the next level by integrating Control4 with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and! Want to set the perfect lighting for a cozy evening? Just say the word. Need to start a lively playlist before guests arrive? Your voice is all you need. Setting up voice control with Control4 opens up a whole new world of convenience, allowing you to interact with your smart home in the most intuitive way possible.

Live a Green Luxury Lifestyle

Being ecologically conscious is everyone’s responsibility. Luckily, Control4 helps you achieve this without sacrificing comfort. Set up schedules and automation rules to optimize energy consumption, allowing your family to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable environment while reducing energy waste. From regulating your climate system settings to managing lighting usage, you have the power to make a positive impact on both your energy bills and the environment.

Control From Anywhere You Are

Whether you're at work, on vacation, or simply out and about, this home automation system ensures you're always in control. Utilize the Control4 app on your mobile device to remotely access and monitor your smart home. Check security cameras, adjust settings, and stay connected no matter where you are. With Control4's robust remote access capabilities, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is secure and ready to provide you with a comfortable environment, even when you're miles away. 


At Wipliance, we want to help you make your living spaces more enjoyable and convenient. Contact our team today to find out all the ways we can elevate your lifestyle!