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Enjoy Your Home Audio with the Neeo Remote from Control4

Designed with Style, Ease and Comfort in Mind for Effortless Control of Your Music and More

Enjoy Your Home Audio with the Neeo Remote from Control4

One of the benefits of owning a home automation system is the luxury of commanding your devices from a single platform. For instance, think about all the technology that makes up your home audio system. By integrating your speakers, amplifiers, receiver, and media sources, you turn a frustrating pile of remotes into one easy-to-use solution.

Control4 is famously known for simplifying smart home control for the homeowner. Continuing this goal, Control4 has recently introduced the Neeo, a stylish remote that blends touchscreen intuitiveness with convenient tactile buttons for easy access to and control of all your media and more.

Let us help you decide if the Neeo is the right controller for the audio system in your Scottsdale, AZ home. Learn more about the notable features and benefits of the Neeo remote below.

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Sleek and Refined Design

The Neeo remote is inspired and crafted by experts in Swiss design. It features a three-inch high-resolution touchscreen and tactile buttons for a clever combination of modernity and tradition. Though sleek in build, the Neeo remote is outfitted with a rigid silver or black aluminum exterior to withstand prolonged use and drops from several feet.

The Neeo comes with a dual-purpose docking and charging station and also features a five-day battery life. When not in use, the remote falls into sleep mode and automatically comes to life when you’re ready to use it again. Unlike typical remotes that get stored in a drawer, you’ll want to show off the Neeo as an impressive piece of equipment in your home.

Intuitive Control of Your Media

Intuitively manage all your music and media without having to worry about turning on other devices or switching any inputs. From the glass touchscreen, you have one-touch access to all your streaming services and media collections, as well as the different zones of your home.

Plop on the couch, grab your Neeo remote from its docking station, and effortlessly select a playlist to enjoy in the living room. From the touchscreen, you’ll have full view of what song is playing and where. You can use the tactile buttons to adjust volume and change the track, and you can easily distribute the music to another area of your home in a few easy taps. Customize and arrange your favorite media apps to display on the touchscreen for easy access each time you pick up the remote.

Powered by Control4 OS 3

The power of the Neeo remote lies in Control4’s latest operating system, Control4 OS 3. This smart home software takes simplified total home control to the next level, giving homeowners more flexibility and customizability with no programming required.

Use the Neeo to command devices beyond your media. Adjust your lights, motorized window treatments, smart thermostats, and security system with ease. The remote is an extension of the intuitive Control4 OS 3 interface, putting total home control in a device that feels comfortable in your hand.

Think the Neeo remote is right for controlling your audio and the rest of your smart home? To learn more about the Neeo and how to upgrade to Control4 OS 3, schedule a free consultation here or send us a live chat below to speak with a technology professional right now.

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