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Experience the Finest in Luxury Living at the LUWA Luxury Home

Tour the Immersive Smart Home Showroom in Snoqualmie!

Experience the Finest in Luxury Living at the LUWA Luxury Home

What happens when you combine the top luxury-living brands in Snoqualmie, WA? You experience LUWA Luxury Home, an immersive smart home showroom that combines automation and design with today’s luxury appliances and furnishings for indoor and outdoor living.

At Wipliance, we specialize in custom technology solutions that turn everyday affairs into extraordinary experiences. We couldn’t think of a better partnership, a space that brings world-class smart home living and providers of luxury amenities together. 

Let’s explore some of the latest innovations on display.

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The Experience

You can read about lighting that transforms into millions of breathtaking colors at the touch of a button or concert-quality music that fills a space, coming from everywhere and nowhere. However, the most meaningful experiences are those that engage the senses. 

This showroom is designed to inspire, letting you discover the immense possibilities in residential lighting, shades, control, and entertainment, along with the world’s finest luxury products. 

Automated Lighting and Shades

Discover Ketra lighting, the most advanced lighting system in the world. Experience light that mirrors the color and intensity of the outside world, bringing daylight indoors. Explore how colors transform a space, and appreciate Ketra Vibrancy—tunable white light that brings out the best features in artwork and architectural elements.

Encounter Lutron Homeworks lighting controls, a system that creates the perfect level of natural light, electric light, and privacy with the touch of a button on an elegant keypad. You’ll see numerous styles and finishes, letting you imagine the perfect solution for varying aesthetics.

In much the same way, Lutron’s automated shades range from roller and Roman shades to Venetian blinds and elegant draperies in materials curated from around the globe. Discover firsthand their various styles and textures and how these elegant window coverings raise and lower in perfect unison and automatically adjust based on the sun’s position.

Beautiful lighting, intelligent shades, and intuitive controls create an environment designed for every occasion and mood.

Elegant Entertainment

In the great room of the LUWA Luxury Home, you’ll hear, but not see, Sonance Invisible speakers. Recognized as the creator of architectural speakers, this brand set the bar for the invisible speaker category. Placed in walls, they offer a full, detailed sound that fills a room. It’s a technology that’s hard to imagine until experienced.

TVs also align with the home’s décor with contemporary frames or transform from stunning artwork into a display.  

Outside the home, you’ll find Origin Acoustics landscape speakers. These speakers are designed to blend in with a home’s outdoor area while delivering an even coverage of high-performance music. While you’re outside, explore the functional and luxurious outdoor kitchen collection.

Smart Home Automation & Voice Control

The Control4 home automation platform lets you see how different home technologies work in unison, managed from one user-friendly interface. Command, a voice assistant designed for smart homes that lets homeowners talk to their smart home like they’re talking to a friend.

At LUWA Luxury Home, you can engage with technology in ways that will amaze you. If you’d like to experience luxury living at its finest, contact Wipliance to schedule a fun, informative, and captivating tour.