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Which Origin Acoustics Speakers Are Best for Your Backyard?

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Spaces with High-Performance Audio

Which Origin Acoustics Speakers Are Best for Your Backyard?

When it comes to outdoor speaker manufacturers, we love Origin Acoustics  for their unwavering commitment to quality and love of great sound.Their outdoor speakers are specially designed to withstand the elements while delivering the perfect musical ambiance for spaces large and small.

With warm weather on the way, now is an excellent time to prepare your backyard for those anticipated activities under the sun and stars. And what’s a better addition to outdoor events than music? Get ready to rock out or relax at the first sign of spring with a backyard sound system from Origin Acoustics.

Explore Origin Acoustics’ four outdoor speaker collections below and learn how the audio specialists at Wipliance can help bring your dream backyard sound system to life in Kirkland, WA.

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Bollard Loudspeakers

Make a statement with Origin Acoustics Bollards! These loudspeakers deliver rich, full sound in your backyard while their sleek silver, black, or bronze aluminum sleeves add an aesthetic appeal. Each loudspeaker houses a subwoofer and a mid/high-frequency satellite in the same enclosure, with the subwoofer section buried in the ground. Combine two or more Bollards around your pool or patio for more coverageand enjoy an even distribution of your music with 360-degree sound dispersion.

Seasons Landscape Series

Revel in camouflaged sound that blends perfectly into your backyard with the Seasons Landscape series of satellites and subwoofers. This collection is designed to fill backyards of any size or shape, from a small porch to acres of landscape. Virtually any coverage and performance parameters you need are possible, with the result always being highly accurate sound. The Seasons Landscape series also features three different subwoofers to create the perfect bass response needed for your outdoor spaces.

Acoustic Landscape Series

Add discreet, high-quality audio to your backyard with two-way satellite loudspeakers as part of the Acoustic Landscape series. This series comes in three sizes to accommodate a range of outdoor spaces. Choose a four-satellite, six-satellite, or eight-satellite solution, each of which includes a burial subwoofer. Like the Seasons Landscape series, the Acoustic Landscape series blends into your backyard to deliver high-performance sound without being seen or disrupting your exterior design.

Seasons Outdoor Series

The Seasons Outdoor on-wall speakers mount to your exterior surfaces and deliver impressive sound for large decks, outdoor kitchens, and patios. These speakers utilize a unique driver configuration in a triangular cabinet with active woofers and tweeters firing forward and dual passive radiators firing off the back sides, resulting in substantial bass and greater volume levels. Regardless of air moisture, rain, and other elements, these speakers will last even in uncovered areas. Enjoy finishes in black or white!

Also part of Origin Acoustics’ Seasons Outdoor collection are their rock speakers. Rock speakers are a perfect option for areas where you desire a more natural aesthetic, such as around the pool or within your gardensChoose from 6-inch and 8-inch two-way designs that are built with a polyurethane/resin composite which creates their durable, stone-like exteriors. For more boom, pair your rock speakers with a burial subwoofer.


For an immersive and easy-to-use sound system that looks beautiful—or disappears—in your backyard, work with the audio specialists at Wipliance. We’ll sweat the details for you so you don’t have to. To start planning your project, get in touch with us here or send us a message in the chat box below!

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