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Go Bigger with Sivoia QS Triathlon Motorized Shades from Lutron

See These Fashionable, Flexible, Battery-Powered Window Shades in Action

Go Bigger with Sivoia QS Triathlon Motorized Shades from Lutron

One of the greatest perks of living in Redmond, WA and the Pacific Northwest is getting to enjoy the beautifully diverse landscape. Coastline, mountains, lush green interiors… Who wouldn’t want to wake up to those views every morning?

Many homeowners in this area have large-scale windows so they can take advantage of the breathtaking outdoors while comfortably indoors. But with such large windows comes the need for large window coverings, which can be hard to find, hard to operate, and often hard on the purse strings.

Our team solved this problem for one homeowner in Mercer Island by outfitting her scenic windows with Lutron Sivoia QS Triathlon battery-powered motorized window shades. Check out this game-changing smart home solution in the video and highlights below!

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The Perfect Shades for a Finished Home

With the flexibly designed Sivoia QS Triathlon WIDR shades from Lutron, our team can cover windows up to 12 feet wide by 12 feet tall without running a wire—making these motorized window shades perfect for finished homes. Installation is quick and easy, and with an average battery life of three to five years, these shades offer the best performance of any battery-powered shades on the market.

It’s worth noting that the Sivoia QS Triathlon WIDR shades can also be hardwired, so if you’re remodeling or building a new home, you may choose the hardwired model instead. Hardwired shades are a good option for new builds since running wire is easier. Plus, hardwired shades mean you’ll never have to recharge batteries.

Enjoy All the Smarts of Lutron Shading Control

Whether you choose battery-powered or hardwired, Sivoia QS Triathlon WIDR shades are always effortless to control. Use the Lutron app, a handheld remote, or a wall keypad to adjust your shades to your liking for quick comfort and privacy at any time of the day.

Schedule your window shades to open in the morning so you can take advantage of natural light as you wake, then lower them at the hottest part of the day to keep your home cool and furniture safe from damaging UV rays. After sunset, your shades can automatically close for privacy.

Whether you have three window shades in the living room or 15 window shades throughout the home, every treatment starts, moves, and stops smoothly and quietly, as well as at the same time, for seamless light control in every space. Command the shades in one room or every room depending on your needs.

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