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The Interior Designer’s Guide to Designing Luxury Smart Homes

Get Inspired with These Tips from Our Home Automation Company

The Interior Designer’s Guide to Designing Luxury Smart Homes

When it comes to interior design, smart homes are changing the game. Beyond creating personalized spaces that appeal to unique styles and needs, interior designers today must be able to incorporate an increasing number of devices into their projects as smart home technology becomes an expected feature in luxury properties throughout the Seattle, WA area.

By partnering with a home automation company like Wipliance on your projects, you’ll have the tools you need to create spaces filled with intelligent solutions that blend beautifully—or even add to—your interior designs. Read below for a few ways our team can help you make beautiful spaces smarter.

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AvoidWall Acne with Proper Prewiring

The best time to plan for technology in a design-build project is at the start. Your team should work with the builder and technology integrator at the beginning to plan cable runs for systems like lighting, shading, and audio-video. A hardwired infrastructure ensures better reliability and scalability for home automation. Plus, laying the wire before the walls go up allows you to significantly minimize wall controls for lights, shades, and other devices. Fewer wall controls equal less wall acne!

Instead, multifunctional wall keypads can be placed in optimal locations throughout the house to control lights, shades, fans, music, and more in one or several rooms. Rather than having banks of white toggle switches in every room, minimize your controls with personalized keypads that feature custom-engraved buttons for smart home scenes, whole-home light control, and more.

Add Elegance with Palladiom Shades and Keypads

The Lutron Palladiom line of motorized shades and control keypads isleek and intelligent, enhancing the interiors of any luxury home. ConsiderPalladiom motorized shades for your projects, which are designed for elegantly exposed applications. Installed without a fascia, pocket, or recess, Palladiom roller shades can fit right inside a window frame and appear as if they’re floating in midair.

Palladiom shades are modern and beautiful, with hand-finished aluminum brackets and hembars that come in several high-class finishes. They’re also whisper-quiet when in motion and move gracefully in unison. Choose from several fabric colors and light-filteringfactors for a sophisticated flair in your designs.

Complement Palladiom shades with Palladiom wall keypads, which also strike a perfect balance between form and function. Palladiom wall keypadsare used with Lutron’s HomeWorks QS home control system and can operate lights, shades, temperature, and custom whole-home scenes. Choose from various colors and finishes that suit your designs and match the hardware finishes of your Palladiom shades.

Transform Interiors with Ketra Tunable Lighting

As an interior designer, you know lighting is crucial to the look and feel of a room. Tunable LED bulbs and fixtures from Ketra reveal a world of possibilities for lighting in the home. Say no to stagnant, harsh, and unflattering light by carefully fine-tuning the brightness and color temperature of ambient, task, and decorative light fixtures from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Ketra tunable lighting solutions have the power to shift the mood of any space. From a single source, you can drench spaces in the widest range of whites and colors. Dial down to the dim glow of candlelight or energize a space with crystal-white light of the afternoon sun. Ketra tunable lights offer a nearly limitless range of illumination options.

Ketra lighting products also bring color to life through a feature called Vibrancy, which adjusts the recipe of white light to enhance artwork, furnishings, and finishes. Ketra Vibrancy changes how light reflects off objects to make colors look sharper, more vivid, and more alive.

Conceal TVs and Speakers with Hidden AV Solutions

Audio-video systems no longer must come at the expense of your designs. Multi-room speakers can be installed within walls and ceilings and camouflaged with custom-painted or fabric-covered grilles that match the rooms’ surfaces. Your clients will enjoy high-performance sound for music and movies without ever seeing obtrusive speakers taking up space on shelves and floors.

TVs can disappear, too! When not in use, TV displays can be disguised as mirrors or framed artwork that adds to your interior design. Or use motorized TV lifts that reveal displays from behind or underneath furniture or artwork at the touch of a button once your client is ready to watch a show.

Work with Wipliance, an award-winning home automation company, to create beautiful homes with smarter solutions.To learn how to work with us, reach out here or use the live chat box below to speak with a team member now.

You can also gain inspiration for your future projects by visiting our Ketra Design Center in Bellevue! Check out the latest solutions from Ketra, Lutron shading, and Lutron control solutions. Our team would love to give you a tour. Call (425) 702-8600 today to schedule an appointment.

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