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What to Expect from a Distinguished Control4 Smart Home Consultant

Plus, Learn How to Find a Notable Control4 Dealer in Your Area

What to Expect from a Distinguished Control4 Smart Home Consultant

When looking for a landscaper or painter to service your home, you don’t choose blindly. Instead, you look at their qualifications, experience, and reputation to ensure they’re a reliable company or contractor you can trust.

The same research should be done when choosing a Control4 smart home consultant. While you’ll find many Control4 dealers in the Fountain Hills, AZ area, they’re not all the same. A distinguished Control4 dealer is armed with the knowledge and experience to recommend and deliver the very best solutions for your unique needs.

But that’s not the only benefit of working with a Control4 dealer of record. Below, discover the qualities of a distinguished Control4 dealer and learn how to find one near you.

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What Makes a Distinguished Control4 Dealer?

Highly Experienced

Every company starts somewhere, and we don’t want to take away chances for new dealers. However, the most reliable Control4 dealers can combine their training with plenty of on-the-job experience. Experienced dealers are better equipped to take on unique smart home installs, recommend products that fit your needs and budget, and deliver a truly intelligent and intuitive solution.

PNCA Certified

Your Control4 system requires a solid home network foundation to be dependable. When you hire a Control4 dealer that’s also armed with Professional Certified Network Administrators (PNCA), you’ll rest confidently knowing your installer has been trained and tested by Control4 on the most important and relevant networking standards for today’s complex smart homes.

Tailored Solutions

Control4 smart homes aren’t one-size-fits-all. Distinguished Control4 dealers can deliver tailored technology solutions that are perfect for all sorts of homes, budgets, and lifestyles. They also know how to navigate unique budget or space constraints and deliver stunning results despite the obstacles.

Guaranteed Reliability

While professionally installed Control4 systems are designed to last, technology still requires routine attention to stay healthy and reliable. Distinguished Control4 dealers offer aftercare services to ensure your smart home system performs optimally long after the installation.

Positive Customer Reviews

When looking for a notable Control4 dealer, the proof is in the pudding. Their reviews are substantial and positive, which proves that their business is reputable, and their customers are happy with the results.

How to Find a Notable Control4 Dealer in Your Area

1. Search Google or use this Control4 dealer locator tool.

Search by zip code or city to find a list of Control4 dealers in your area.

2. Look for an Authorized Dealer.

Consider narrowing your selection to Authorized Dealers. Dealer status is an indication of the volume of business that a dealer does with Control4. You can use this information to evaluate the size and scale of a business when choosing a professional for your project. Plus, all Authorized Dealers are PNCA certified.

3. Browse their solutions and project gallery.

Dealer status is just one factor to consider when selecting a Control4 dealer. Be sure to browse their website for their listed solutions and project gallery so you can gain a better understanding of the types of installations they do and how many projects they have under their belt.

4. Read customer reviews.

This step is important. How happy are their customers after the sale? Look for testimonials on their website, or head to platforms like Google, Angi, or Facebook to find more customer reviews.

5. Request a free consultation.

Even if you find an experienced Authorized Dealer that offers the solutions you want and has glowing customer reviews, it’s still a good idea to contact them first to discuss your unique needs and ensure they can deliver the very best solution for you and your lifestyle.

Wipliance is a Control4 Platinum dealer with 15 years of experience providing smart home automation solutions for clients in the Fountain Hills, AZ area. If you think we might be a great fit for your project, we’d love to talk! Request a free consultation by contacting us here or chatting with us below.