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Which Outdoor Sun Shades Are Best for Your Home?

We Highlight Features and Solutions from Insolroll and Screen Innovations

Which Outdoor Sun Shades Are Best for Your Home?

As an Arizona homeowner, you understand the importance of solar heat protection and proper insulation for your interior spaces during hot summers and cool winters. But what about your outdoor spaces?

While dedicated outdoor AV and patio furniture are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, sitting outside in 40-degree or 100-degree weather isn’t exactly comfortable. With proper outdoor sun shades, you can enjoy your exterior spaces in every season.

Our team at Wipliance works with Insolroll and Screen Innovations to bring homeowners in Scottsdale, AZ and beyond shading solutions that best fit their outdoor environments, style, and control preferences. We highlight a few notable features of each brand below.


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Insolroll has been an industry leader in patio shade protection since 1986. Their broad range of shading solutions offers heat control and sun protection for exterior windows, decks, porches, pergolas, and other outdoor patio structures while preserving your mountainous views.

Insolroll also offers retractable insect screens that feature four sealed edges to prevent even the smallest bugs and debris from entering covered patios or decks. If you desire sun shades that block UV rays and heat while also keeping out bugs, Insolroll offers a line of shades that can do both.

From bungee cords and cabling to their Shy-Zip captured edge system, Insolroll offers a multitude of ways to keep your outdoor shades taut in windy conditions. Their shades are available at up to 19 feet wide for flexible environments and are custom designed to precisely complement your exterior spaces.



Insolroll sun shades are available for both manual and motorized operation. Lower and lift manual shades with a bead chain pulley system or use their exterior-grade clutch system to pull and raise easily with your hand.

For even more convenience, opt for Insolroll’s motorized shading solutions that are controllable from an indoor wireless radio wall switch with one to five channels, a handheld remote, or smartphone app. Many of Insolroll’s patio shades integrate with Lutron control solutions so you can command your outdoor shades in a variety of ways, from voice command to preset schedules and more.

Screen Innovations



Screen Innovations started in 2003 as an innovative producer of video projection screens and then expanded their product line to interior and exterior shading solutions. Screen Innovations offers two lines of exterior shades for all outdoor environments: Zen Box and Zen Roll.

Both Zen Box and Zen Roll are designed to completely seal and enclose your patio, deck, balcony, and other outdoor environments from heat, cold, and bugs to create an extended area of your home that preserves your exterior views. Both styles use a Shy-Zip fastener system for guaranteed seal and a stainless-steel cable guide system for wind control.

Zen Box shades are designed with a cassette headrail that blends in with exterior walls and beams, and Zen Roll shades expose the roll for a more modern look. Both styles come in a variety of colors that have been hand-picked by designers to complement your home.



Unlike Insolroll, all of Screen Innovations’ sun shades are motorized and conveniently integrate with leading smart home control systems like Control4. Operate your shades from designer in-wall keypads, a handheld remote, your smartphone or tablet, voice commands, or set them to adjust on their own.

Screen Innovations’ exterior shades also feature intelligent built-in obstruction detection that stops and reverses your Zen Box or Zen Roll shades to prevent damage or injury. If you operate your shades to lower while a person or piece of furniture is in the way, the shades will gently tap the intruding person or object before reversing back in place. Once the path is cleared, you can safely adjust your shades again.

Protect your patio and extend the outdoor fun all year long with sun shades from Insolroll and Screen Innovations. We’ll help you select the options that are best for you and your home. Learn more about upgrading your outdoor spaces today by contacting our team here or sending us a live chat below now.

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