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4 Shading Ideas for Your Living Room Windows

Enjoy Custom Motorized Window Treatments for Any Style and Need

4 Shading Ideas for Your Living Room Windows

Living rooms look different in every home, but they’re usually meant for the same things: relaxing and socializingMaybe you use your living room to read or watch TV. Maybe it’s where you entertain guests. How you use your living room will help you decide the best window treatments to add to your space.

Of course, there are other factors to consider, such as light, energy efficiency, and décor. Whatever your particular wants and needs, our team at Wipliance can design and install custom window treatments  for your Tempe, AZ living spaces that are just as beautiful as they are functional.

Need some inspiration? Read on to explore four motorized shading ideas for your living room windows.

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Cellular Shades for Energy Efficiency

Understandably, energy efficiency is a key concern for homeowners in Arizona. If energy efficiency is a priority for you, then consider cellular shades. These window treatments are specially engineered to trap air and create a layer of insulation between the window and the room, helping to keep your living space cooler in the summer (and warmer in the winter). Cellular shades come in a wide array of fabrics, pleat sizes, colors, and textures to suit your interior design while offering superior energy savings.

Hardwood Blinds for Warmth

For a warm and cozy feel to your living room, you may like hardwood blinds. Hardwood blinds offer a rich and traditional look to any space and are a timeless favorite. If you’re concerned about the upkeep of genuine wood blinds, you can opt for faux wood blinds that offer the rich appearance of hardwood without risk of warping, yellowing, or bowing—perfect for large living room windows that see lots of sun. Choose from a wide selection of slat sizes, stylish colors, and stain finishes.

Two-in-One Shades for Perfect Light Balance

If you use your living room for activities that require various amounts of light, like reading and watching movies, try a roller shade solution that combines a light-filtering front shade with a room-darkening back panel that both roll on a single roller. This solution is the ideal option for managing light and privacy in your home. Enjoy softly filtered light when reading and total darkness and privacy when watching a movie. Choose from hundreds of fabric options and varying opacities for the perfect match.

Drapery for Layers and Texture

Feel like something is missing? Complete your look by pairing side panels and drapery with your blinds or shades. Drapery adds a beautiful and stately layer of texture to your windows when combined with simple blinds and shades. They also help prevent light gaps at the sides of your windows. Get creative by mixing patterns, colors, and materials to create an alluring focal point in your living room. From luxe basics and sheers to artisanal embroideries and more, your choice of designer fabrics and colors is vast.

Bonus: Control Them Your Way

The best part of our motorized shading solutions is their convenient control options. Whether you’re lifting roller shades in one room or opening blind slats in several roomswindow treatment control is as effortless as a button press on a keypad, tap on a mobile app, or even voice command. You can also program your window treatments to adjust on a schedule or integrate them with sensors so that they adjust on their own based on room temperature or natural light exposure.


Wipliance proudly partners with industry-leading motorized window treatment and control system manufacturers like Hunter DouglasLutronScreen Innovationsand DEL to design and install entirely customized window treatments for our clients. Let’s dress up your living spaces with innovative and beautiful window treatments. Get started by contacting our team here or sending us a message in the chat box below.

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