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How to Enjoy Whole-Home Audio without Complication or Clutter

Make Unsightly Audio Equipment a Thing of the Past with Control4

How to Enjoy Whole-Home Audio without Complication or Clutter

One of the greatest complements to life is music. It entertains us while we work and sets the mood for parties and holidays. It aids in relaxation, helps us concentrate, and lifts our spirits. Such a powerful tool shouldn’t be confined to a single room. Break the boundaries with whole-home audio!

whole-home audio system lets you enjoy music anywhere and everywhere in your Scottsdale, AZ home. Beyond the luxury of whole-home listening, a professionally installed system like Control4 offers simple control of music sources and room locations without the clutter of unsightly audio gear—a big perk for homeowners who put great care into their interior design. Learn how below!

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Store Gear Away in a Closet 

A whole-home audio system comprises several parts, from content sources to amplifiers to matrix switches. But because Control4 distributes your content from one location throughout your home, you eliminate the need to have gear in every room. Instead, everything that makes a whole-home audio system work can be neatly stowed in a closetThe only hardware you’ll need in each room are speakers.

Put Speakers in the Walls 

While speakers can’t live in a closet with the rest of your gear, they can be strategically hidden within walls and ceilings to keep eyes on your interior design. Our team can install speakers flush with your surfaces, paint the grilles to blend with their surroundings, and pull wire behind walls. We’ll also select the best locations for your speakers to deliver optimal sound coverage in rooms small and large.

Plus, we work with industry-leading architectural speaker manufacturers like Origin Acoustics and Triad to deliver rich, high-performance audio evenly throughout your house with a minimal footprint. 

Consolidate Your Sources 

Control4 conveniently provides a wide range of popular music streaming services, like Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon Music within its system for you to enjoy. But if you also like to listen to music from an existing digital library or CD collection, you can upload these into a media server, which can be easily accessed from your Control4 system. Not only will everything be in one place, but you’ll free up space in your home. Cue your favorite CD in the kitchen while someone else plays a Spotify playlist on the patio.

Simplify Control 

Say goodbye to fiddling with knobs, dials, buttons, and remotes every time you want to play music throughout the house. Control4 eliminates this frustration by giving you easy access to all your music from one intuitive interface. Use your smartphone, a tablet, the Neeo handheld remote, or even voice control to choose what you want to hear and where you want to hear it.

You can also add music to smart home scenes so that a quick tap of the “Relax” wall keypad button dims your lights, lowers the shades, and streams soft rock or jazz in the living room and on the porch.

Start Your Whole-Home Audio Project 

Create a soundtrack for your life with a whole-home audio system. Control4 simplifies the art of music listening and personalizes it for everyone in your home. The technology professionals at Wipliance can deliver the perfect solution for you.

To schedule a free consultation, contact us here or send us a message in the chat box below to speak to a team member now. We look forward to working with you!

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