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Quick Guide: Getting Started with Control4 Whole-Home Audio

These Questions Will Help You Dream Up the Perfect System

Quick Guide: Getting Started with Control4 Whole-Home Audio

Music is the common ingredient among our celebrations, gatherings, and downtime. It helps us set a mood, relax, and focus. So, why should music be limited to one room? A whole-home audio system breaks the boundaries of single-room listening by sending tunes anywhere and everywhere with ease.

We love Control4 as a distributed audio system because it preserves the quality of high-resolution music and offers you many ways to access and share music anywhere throughout your Phoenix, AZ home.

Intrigued? Use this quick guide to dream up the perfect Control4 whole-home audio system for you. Then call on Wipliance to turn it into a reality! Get started below.

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Where Do You Want to Listen?

The first question to consider is where you want to listen. While you could decide to distribute music to every room in your home, that may not be practical for you. Think of where you spend most of your time. Maybe you want music in the kitchen, primary bedroom, backyard, family room, and home gym.

The best time to plan for a distributed audio system is at the start of your home build because it allows us to choose the optimal location for speakers and eliminates the need to tear down walls to run wire. If your home is already built, we can work with you to plan a system that features wireless speakers or other ways to minimize rewiring and keep the installation clean and efficient.

What Do You Want to Listen to?

Love to stream? Popular services like Pandora, Tidal, Spotify, and Qobuz are built right into the Control4 system. You can also stream music from your phone or listen to digital files stored on a computer or hard drive. Perhaps you want to go old school and spin vinyl in the family room but play it for friends on the patio. You can connect your turntable and enjoy that content anywhere, too.

In short, there are no limitations to what you can listen to. Control4 makes it easy to listen to anything and everything. Control4 also supports high-resolution audio files, including Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) tracks, allowing you to hear music the way it was originally recorded.

How Do You Want to Control It?

With so much music available and so many rooms in which to listen, controlling everything should be simple. The Control4 app on your smartphone or touchscreen offers an intuitive way to search for music, choose where to listen, and pause or skip when you wish. Even kids can navigate it with ease!

If reaching for your smartphone each time you want to manage your music feels unnatural, you can use other methods for control. Consider a tabletop tablet, wall keypads, the Neeo smart home remote, or even voice commands using platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or

How Do You Want to Enjoy It?

Do you like to wake up to music? Maybe you start a playlist in the kitchen or on the patio at the same time each day as you cook dinner or wind down. While Control4 makes it easy to start music anywhere with just a few taps, you can schedule your music to begin on its own for even more convenience.

If you already have a Control4 smart home, add music to your smart home scenes! Set the ambiance for dinner with an “Evening” scene that dims the lights, lowers the shades, locks the front door, and starts a soothing playlist. Control4 lets you personalize how you listen so you can enjoy it your way.


For a whole-home audio system that sounds amazing, blends with your home décor, is easy to use, and performs well for years, work with an audio professional like Wipliance. Let’s plan your project! Get started by contacting us here or sending us a message in the chat box below.

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