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Why Plan for Motorized Shades at the Start of Your Home Build?

Explore the Many Advantages of Hardwired Custom Window Treatments

Why Plan for Motorized Shades at the Start of Your Home Build?

Motorized shades are a coveted solution for homes of all sizes and styles. By choosing powered shading solutions, homeowners can effortlessly master natural light with one-tap controls or automated schedules while improving privacy, security, and home décor.

If you want to go from manual to motorized, battery-powered shades are faster and more budget-friendly to install in an existing home than hardwired solutions, which require opening walls to run wire. But that’s where the benefits of battery-powered shades end. Ultimately, hardwired solutions offer more advantages related to style, performance, convenience, and sustainability.

To get the most out of your motorized shades, it’s best to plan for this smart home solution during new construction so that running wire can be pre-planned and more efficient. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of hardwired custom window treatments for your Scottsdale, AZ home.

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Enjoy Much More Variety

Window shading does more than filter natural light in your home. It also contributes to your interior design. You should have several motorized shading options to choose from when styling your home so that you can bring your vision to life while enjoying the benefits of automated window treatments.

While top shading brands like Lutron have done a great job at offering an expansive selection of wireless roller shades, honeycomb shades, and wood blinds, their wireless options pale in comparison to their options for hardwired shading solutions. Choose from several elegant styles of roller shades, honeycomb shades, wood blinds, drapes, horizontal sheer blinds, roman shades, tensioned shades, and more.

Never Hassle with Batteries

The biggest issue with anything battery-powered is the need to change those batteries. While the batteries that power Lutron wireless shades can last anywhere from three to five years, they’ll still need changing eventually. Imagine having to change the batteries in your skylight or ceiling-high window shades—or changing the batteries in dozens of shades throughout the house. That’s an arduous task.

Even if you hire someone to change the batteries for you, buying new batteries and paying for that service becomes a recurring cost that adds up over time. While wiring window shades for power and control is a bigger investment at the start, you’ll save time and money in the long run.

Be Kinder to the Earth

Naturally, changing out the batteries in your wireless shades every few years means you’ll be discarding potentially 100+ batteries. While they should be properly recycled, millions of batteries are tossed into the trash every year, which can have direct dire effects on the environment.

Batteries contain hazardous, toxic, and corrosive materials that can contribute to water and air pollution when not disposed of properly. While rechargeable batteries are better for the environment than non-rechargeable batteries, they tend to have a high self-discharge rate and only last for a fraction of the time compared to non-rechargeable batteries. So, unless you want to recharge batteries every few months, we recommend choosing hardwired window treatments instead.

For the best results, bring in a motorized shading professional like Wipliance during new construction to work with you and your builder. We’ll discuss your vision with you and install a powerful, reliable, and elegant hardwired shading system that elevates your décor and makes light and privacy control effortless. Get started by contacting us here or sending us a message in the chat box below!

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