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What to Know About Installing Lutron Palladiom Shades

For Best Results, Plan Early and Work with a Lutron Expert

What to Know About Installing Lutron Palladiom Shades

When someone sees the sleek and sophisticatedLutron Palladiom shading system, they instantly love it. Palladiom motorized shades by Lutron are designed for elegantly exposed applications, feature smooth, whisper-quiet performance, and look beautiful from every angle.

But bringing Palladiom shades to your Seattle, WA home requires a lot of planning. Unlike electric window treatments that you can buy online and install yourself, Palladiom shades are hardwired and can only be installed by an authorized Lutron dealer. If you’re interested in the Palladiom shading system, below are a few key things to know about this solution before planning your project.

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Ideal for New Construction Projects

Interested customers often ask about how the Palladiom shading system is powered. Palladiom shades are exclusively hardwired; there is no Palladiom wireless or battery-powered alternative. Because Palladiom shades require running wire for power, it’s best to install them at the beginning of a build rather than upgrade an existing home. Unless you’re prepared to have all your drywall stripped and undergo an extensive installation, we recommend you plan early with your home builder or architect.

A Panelized System Is Best for Control

Palladiom keypads are a perfect pairing with Palladiom shadesThese sleek control keypads elevate your décor and make it easy to operate your window shades (and lights, toofrom one location.

Customized multiroom control of your shades and lights requires a panelized control system. This system does away withseveral individual switches and dimmers by wiring loads to one centralized panel. Instead of cluttered switches in a room, you can keep your walls clean with one personalized keypad featuring custom-engraved buttons that operate lights and shades in one or several areas of the home. You can even use buttons for scenes like “All Off” for more convenient control.

Because a panelized system requires rewiring all your loads, installing one in an existing home would be a massive undertaking. Instead, it’s best to plan for a panelized system during new construction.

Requires Assistance from a Lutron Dealer

To guarantee the highest quality possible, Lutron Palladiom shading systems are only available through authorized Lutron dealers. No one else can sell or install Lutron solutions. If you’re planning a home build or major renovation and want to include Palladiom shades and keypads in your project, be sure to contact your local Lutron dealer and bring them in at the start of the project.

As an authorized Lutron dealer, Wipliance would love to work with you and your homebuilder or architect to plan and install a personalized Palladiom shading system. Our designers can help you select the perfect fabrics and finishes for your shades, shading hardware, and keypads so that they complement your interiors and speak to your style. We’ll also show you different ways to operate your system beyond wall keypads, such as with a mobile app and even voice control.

If you’re ready to bring Palladiom to your home, contact Wipliance here or use the live chat box below to speak with us now. To keep up with more hot home technology trends and find answers to your common technology questions, subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter and follow us on social!

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