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Take Your Body to the Limit with Fit6 and Wipliance

The Fit6 fitness studio is bathed in luxurious teal-colored lights.

Discover how state-of-the-art technology can help you make the best out of high-energy workouts! 

Right in the middle of the desert, there is a fitness paradise that, with the help of Wipliance’s expertise and cutting-edge technology, is ready to provide a unique fitness experience. 

Fit6 is a training boutique fitness studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, where trainer-led workouts and a high-energy, structured environment create a fun atmosphere for new and experienced patrons alike to reach their fitness goals. To enhance their experience, the Fit6 team knew technology was a must-have. And so, they reached out to the experts at Wipliance! 

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The Magic Hand of Wipliance

To create the unique experience Fit6 wanted to provide, our team incorporated three leading technologies: smart lighting, AV systems, and a Control4 ecosystem to manage it all with ease. 

Our smart lighting solutions can effortlessly create a dynamic environment thanks to their wide range of bright and fun colors that are programmed to change and dance along to the beat of the music. The best part? The Fit6 team can set the right mood in a matter of seconds by simply pressing a button on the elegant engraved lighting control keypads.

Next, we have our unique AV solutions. Music has the power to boost our mood and enhance any workout routine, even if we don’t notice it. At Fit6, excellent audio and video are especially important, as trainers use responsive armbands to track clients’ progress and heart rate during the workout. Our team incorporated high-definition monitors to make all this information visible to everyone and high-end speakers to create the perfect atmosphere with energizing music. 

To control all the technologies above, we incorporated a Control4 system the team at Fit6 can easily manage through touchscreens or mobile apps. With one user-friendly app, controlling media, lighting, and even the security system has become easier than ever. 

Want to learn more about how Wipliance helped this fitness boutique enhance its business operations and improve its customer experience? Explore Fit6 with Lee Travis in our video!

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