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Video Spotlight: A Vacation Home Transformation in Scottsdale


Explore the Lighting, AV, and Security Upgrades We Installed 

Picture your dream smart home. What technology does it include? How does it fit in with your style? Now open your eyes, check out our latest video, and see how it compares! Our very own Lee Travis is back to showcase one of our latest installations: a vacation home in North Scottsdale, Arizona, featuring Control4 automation, sophisticated lighting design, and immersive outdoor entertainment spaces. 

Watch our latest video or keep reading below for more details on the project.   

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Remote Monitoring and Control 

Since this is not the client’s primary residence, remote control was one of the top priorities. Most important was remote access to let in contractors or guests and surveillance to check in on the home anytime. As with most second homes, the client wanted seamless control to be able to jump in and enjoy their stay immediately.  

Lighting Design

We also significantly improved the client’s lighting design. First, we retrofitted LED bulbs to the ceiling for a more modern aesthetic. Then, we focused on adding layers, primarily through the use of linear lighting. This lighting helped to highlight certain features—like coves and the wine fridge—and added functionality with fixtures above cabinets and under the bathroom’s vanity mirror. 

Outdoor Living

Many people choose Scottsdale for their second homes because of the great outdoor weather. So, outdoor living was a big focal point, too. We added landscape audio to deliver stellar sound in the pool and BBQ area and included an outdoor-rated TV that is ultra-bright and designed to reduce glare. With these luxury solutions, the homeowner can enjoy their favorite movies at night or in the middle of the day. 

Check out our video to learn more about the high-end audio, automation, and security additions we made to the home. If you have questions, please call or fill out our contact form.

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