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AV Manufacturers have created ingenious ways to hide technology, from TV displays to speakers and AV equipment. Discover how to retain your home’s design.

Hidden Technology: The Future of Home Entertainment

Enjoy the Best Entertainment Without Marring Your Home’s Design

Hidden Technology: The Future of Home Entertainment

Declutter, minimalism, and mindfulness are the practices sweeping the nation. For many, this translates to a lifestyle in which technology is kept to a minimum. After all, how do TVs, speakers, wall-sized screens, and projectors align with keeping a home and mind clutter-free?

Fortunately, leading audio-video manufacturers realized the importance of maintaining a home’s aesthetics. In response, hidden technology was born. Today, as AV advancements emerge, your entertainment devices can disappear entirely when not used, reappearing with the touch of a button.

Let’s explore the possibilities and how this technology is transforming homes in Snoqualmie, WA.