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Wipliance is the premier installer of tunable white LED lighting systems for homes and businesses in Kirkland, WA. Learn more by calling 425-702-8600.

Gain Design Inspiration for Your Interiors with Ketra Lighting

See the Magic of Tunable White LEDs at Our Ketra Design Center

Gain Design Inspiration for Your Interiors with Ketra Lighting

A lot of planning goes into the design of your home interiors. Whether you’re renovating or building from scratch, it takes careful research and contemplation to choose the right elements for your spaces.

A key element of interior design that often gets overlooked is lighting. Your house lights don’t just help you see; they have the power to drastically alter the atmosphere and ambiance of any room. If lighting isn’t part of your interior design plans, then it’s time we introduce you to Ketra.

When you visit our Ketra Design Center, located just minutes south of Kirkland, WA, you’ll experience the unlimited potential of tunable white LED lighting technology and its ability to elevate your spaces with a wide range of pristine whites and vibrant colors. Read this blog for a sneak-peek into what our Ketra Design Center has in store for your home interiors. Get ready to be inspired!