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3 Reasons to Include AV Furniture in Your Home Theater Design

Celebrate Style, Comfort, and Performance with Specialized Entertainment Furniture

3 Reasons to Include AV Furniture in Your Home Theater Design

For any audio-video enthusiast, a home theater or media room isn’t just an area that houses electronic equipment – it’s a sanctuary. It’s where you become immersed in film, celebrate big game wins, laugh and cry with your favorite TV characters, and create memories with friends and family.

Such a cherished environment requires specialized AV furniture that maximizes the life and performance of your gear, keeps you comfortable, and highlights your home theater design. Below, learn three reasons why AV furniture is a worthwhile investment and how our team can help you select the best options for your Bellevue, WA-area home.

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Conceal Your Gear with Care

You may think to store your AV components in an armoire or cupboard, but keep in mind that ordinary furniture isn’t designed with electronics in mind. Electronics generate heat, and heat buildup can damage your gear. You’ll need cabinetry that provides proper ventilation to keep your components cool.

AV cabinetry from industry-leading brands like Salamander Designs features built-in ventilation louvers for better airflow, open architecture for simple cable management, and removable rear panels for easy access to components. Their cabinets are also designed to enhance audio performance by isolating AV components from vibration. Choose from various footing options and take advantage of their modular, stackable design that’s easily adjustable should your gear collection change over time.

Stay Comfortable Longer

The most-used furniture in a home theater or media room is seating. If seating becomes an afterthought in your room design, you could wind up with couches and chairs that look beautiful but lack the support needed for long-lasting comfort when watching movies or playing video games for several hours.

Custom home theater seats from brands like Salamander Designs and Fortress Seating are ergonomically designed for comfort over long stretches of use. They feature strategic head, lumbar, leg, and foot support to alleviate body aches and eye strain, whether upright or reclined. They’re also made of the highest quality materials and construction techniques to provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Customize, Customize, Customize 

The best part about AV furniture solutions from Salamander Designs and Fortress Seating is that they can be entirely customized to your needs, environment, and home décor. Everything from style, configurations, materials, and finishes can be tailored to make your furniture unique to you.

Combine modules for your specific storage needs, opt for a corner-fit solution, consider a cabinet with speaker integration or recessed housing for an ultra-short-throw projector, and even choose a floating cabinet. Styles range from minimalistic to mid-century modern to traditional and more.

Both Salamander and Fortress seating lets you define arrangements that work precisely for your environment. You may like traditional home theater recliners, but that’s one of many options you can enjoy. Choose from loungers, chaises, loveseats, sectionals, and modular configurations. Enjoy a wide range of leather and plush materials and accessories to add a personal touch to your seating.

Visit Our Salamander Design Center

Experience AV furniture options in person at our Salamander Design Center in Bellevue! You’ll have the opportunity to explore a variety of cabinetry, seating, and material samples up close and discuss your vision with our team. We’ll assist you in choosing the best style, configuration, and functional features for your AV furniture to complement your desired use.

Contact us here to schedule a visit to our showroom or learn more about our AV furniture offerings. You can also send us a message in the live chat box below to speak with a team member now. We look forward to working with you.

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