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4 Reasons to Install a Backyard Sound System This Summer

Planning a Backyard Upgrade? Add the Perfect Soundtrack.

4 Reasons to Install a Backyard Sound System This Summer

We live for summer in Washington and the Pacific Northwest. It’s the time of year when the sun is a reliable partner for outdoor activities, from boating on Lake Sammamish to relaxing in our backyard patios and pools. It’s also the time many people plan outdoor living upgrades to update patios, install hot tubs, and add other outside amenities.

If you’re planning an outdoor project right now for your Issaquah home, it’s the perfect time to add a piece that makes every activity more fun – a backyard sound system. Whether it’s an update to something that’s already there or a complete outdoor makeover, here are four popular outdoor amenities made better with an outdoor audio system.

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The New Patio

An upgraded patio may be foremost in extending your outdoor space. Perhaps you are adding a pergola, an outdoor fireplace, or a firepit that lets you use it more often. Outdoor sound is the perfect complement to these areas. Depending on the design and architecture, you can choose to add surface-mounted speakers like the weatherproof Origin Acoustics Seasons speakers to add rich, full sound to your relaxation. For modern layouts, the Origin Acoustics Bollard makes a visual statement and delivers powerful sound over a wide area.

The New Pool

Adding a pool along with the patio? The swimming season isn't long, but it's much more fun with outdoor sound. Amp up the pool parties with the Bollard speakers or let the sound emanate from landscaped areas around the pool with Acoustic Landscape speakers from Origin Acoustics. These speakers hide discreetly in the landscape with small stake-mounted satellites paired with burial subwoofers visible only a few inches above the mulch. These speakers can deliver the fitting soundtrack, whether it's a frolicking pool party or a zen-like pool float.

The Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchens are magnetic hubs for entertainment, indoors and out. Install a bar area in your outdoor kitchen, and you can grill and cook while accompanied by friends and family. What's better than listening to lively music while cooking? Add video with an outdoor TV, and you and your guests can be entertained with a Seahawks early-season game while the play-by-play sound carries from the outdoor speakers. Depending on your outdoor kitchen, ceiling or surface mount speakers can provide the soundscape.

The Big Event

Is there a big event that's coming this summer, like a milestone birthday, anniversary, or wedding? Outdoor sound will make it more memorable. Landscape speakers can create an even, robust sound field all over your backyard areas with no hotspots and sound that stays within your area rather than blasting the neighbors. Background and party music or even a recorded message will make your celebration an unforgettable event. Of course, You’ll be able to enjoy all the advantages of your audio system in the future, too.

Add the soundtrack to your outdoor fun with a backyard sound system. Get started by contacting our team here or sending us a message in the chatbox below. We look forward to working with you!

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