7 benefits of a Home Theater Installation in Bellevue

7 benefits of a Home Theater Installation in Bellevue

Considered installing a home theater of your own? We've highlighted 7 benefits of getting a home theater system to help you make your decision.

Are you looking into home theater systems in Bellevue? Perhaps you've been flirting with the thought of getting one installed but aren't quite sure yet. There are lots of benefits of having the luxury of a home entertainment center, and we've highlighted a few of them to help make your decision easier.

The Movies are Better at Home

The unfortunate part of watching a movie in a public theater is that it's in public. With a home cinema, you don't have to worry about other moviegoers discussing the plot line, asking silly questions to their pals, texting, or any other activities that people sometimes consider necessary during a movie. If you're one of those rare types who doesn't love to hear the chatter of a stranger coming from behind you during a critical moment in the movie, then installing a home entertainment system could be wildly beneficial.

Remote Control

Another benefit of a home theater is that you control the remote! Public theaters - for some odd reason - won't pause the movie for you if you have to leave and go to the bathroom. Rude, right? Well at home, you have ultimate power! If you want an extra helping of popcorn or just need to take a restroom break, you are free to pause the show as you like, without missing a scene.


With a home entertainment system, you can conveniently "go to the movies" anytime you want. All it takes is walking into the other room, dimming the lights and pressing play. Watching movies at home can be an ideal leisure. You can eat whatever snacks you like; you could even have a pizza delivered to your “home movie theater” and chow down while you're viewing a flick, something that you can't exactly do at the local cineplex.

Save Money

Watching films at home instead of going out can save you money in the long run. If the average movie ticket in Seattle is around $12, that can add up quick, especially if you factor in the cost of those pricey snacks. Because of the effort and the expense, going to the movies might be more of an infrequent treat. With a home theater system, you can get the family together for movie night multiple times a week without having to account for an excessive entertainment budget. Call your broker! In this light, you could even consider it an investment.

It Sounds Better

Hands down, a home stereo system installed by the right professional can be some of the finest audio quality you'll hear anywhere. At Wipliance, we can proudly say we perform the best home theater installation in Bellevue. We'll work with the acoustics of your floor plan, your furniture arrangement, and your personal preferences to create the optimal setup for your situation. Our aim is to blow your mind when it comes to the auditory sensation. Experience the Airbus on your screen as if it's flying right through your living room with our state-of-the-art surround sound. Feel immersed in the middle of the action sequence as the bass of your sound system roundhouse kicks you square in the chest... if you're into that sort of thing. And, of course, you can easily set the audio settings to exactly how you prefer, perhaps you may even want to lower the bass during the action movies.

The Next Best Thing to Live Sporting Events

All your friends used to gather at Gary's house for sports because he had a couple of couches that were above average on the comfort scale. Now, it's your turn to claim the throne as the host for all sporting events in 2016. Here are a few tips to make sure your home theater is ready for the football season! With the high definition image and incredible speakers, your friends won't want to watch the match anywhere else. Our Home entertainment systems in Bellevue are unbeatable for live action; it'll be like you're bringing the stadium into your living room. With a large screen, crystal clear picture and surround sound, this is the closest you'll get to being in the stands.

Set the Atmosphere for Your Next Home Event

Create the perfect mood for your next event with exquisite sound from your professionally installed, high-quality, home entertainment audio system. Invite your favorite people over for a dinner party, or maybe have a romantic evening for two. With your home theater equipped with a platinum stereo, your music will set the tone right for the occasion. Turn on some smooth jazz or classical tunes while you discuss philosophy over dessert and a fine bottle of port. Or just throw down some Lady Gaga if an epic living room dance party is in order. We can only install the equipment, though, the Djing skills are up to you.

If you're still thinking about getting a home theater installation in Bellevue or surrounding areas, we would love to help. Contact us with any questions or to get a free quote, today!

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