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A Q&A with Custom Home Automation Company Wipliance

Wipliance Answers Your Many Questions Following the Acquisition of Huppin’s

A Q&A with Custom Home Automation Company Wipliance

In July 2022, Wipliance acquired Huppin’s, a fourth-generation business that began in 1908 and, over the years, evolved into a brand offering high-performance residential and commercial technology solutions as well as becoming an online retail giant.

We are proud and excited to welcome the Huppin’s family to Wipliance! As a leading custom integration and home automation company, Wipliance brings turnkey smart home integrations to residents in Eastern Washington and North Idaho, providing customized solutions in whole-home automation and lighting, shading, audio-video, security, and home theaters. 

As with any transition, it can be a little confusing for customers, particularly regarding a brand that’s served the Spokane, WA, community for 114 years. So, to help answer any questions, we're sharing the most commonly asked questions and our answers. If you want to learn more about this exciting transition, please visit us online

Is your showroom open to the public? 

Our showroom is open by appointment only. Please call (509) 893-5588 or visit us online to schedule an appointment.

Do you still sell kitchen equipment, cameras, headphones, and other consumer electronics?

As a custom installation company for home technology and smart home automation, Wipliance does not offer retail sales of kitchen equipment, cameras, or other consumer electronics, such as headphones. However, if you’re looking to purchase a TV, speakers, or other home electronics for installation, Wipliance is happy to assist you with the entire process, from start to finish. 

We also specialize in advanced home automation solutions, such as motorized window treatments, lighting control, security, and home entertainment that encompasses whole-home audio, home theaters, media rooms, and more. To learn more, you can visit us online and explore the many options in today’s smart home living.

Do you sell products online? 

We are a custom installation company and do not sell products online.

How can I follow up on an online order placed through OneCall? 

OneCall, Huppin's previous online retail division, was acquired by Amazon. For support regarding your purchase, you will want to reach out to the Amazon seller listed in your purchase confirmation or contact Amazon directly. Wipliance does not have a record of your product purchase. 

Is Huppin’s still in business?

Wipliance acquired Huppin's custom installation division. Thanks to our partnership, we can offer more services and solutions for custom installations and home automation integrations. We do not, however, offer online equipment for sale. OneCall, the online division of Huppin’s, was acquired by Amazon. At Wipliance, all product sales are custom orders designed for projects. 

To inspire you and help you realize the possibilities in home automation and high-performance entertainment, we developed our brand-new showroom. Here, you can explore the incredible world of smart home living, including custom installation examples and inspiration for your next smart home project. You can also visit us online to learn about the power of smart home living and the technologies that provide comfort, beauty, security, and convenience. 

Give us a call at (509) 893-5588 for more information, or schedule an appointment to experience the wonders of smart technology firsthand at our showroom. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!