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Bring a Near Infinite Palette of Color to Your Home’s Lighting

The Combined Power of Ketra Tunable Lighting and Lutron Homeworks

Bring a Near Infinite Palette of Color to Your Home’s Lighting

At Wipliance, we’ve long been fans of Lutron, industry leaders in lighting and shading control. Since their beginnings, they’ve pushed the boundaries of what’s possible and delivered cutting-edge technology that defines today’s industry standards.

In 2019, they delivered Clear Connect - Type X. Let’s explore what this means to home automation and why we, as a premier Lutron installer, are excited to bring this technology to your home in Seattle, WA.

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What is Lutron’s Clear Connect - Type X?

One of the many characteristics that sets Lutron apart from its competitors is its continual advancements in the industry. Lutron’s Clear Connect Type X wireless technology allows for native support of Ketra tunable lighting in HomeWorks.

This means that we can now connect up to 200 Ketra devices into a HomeWorks system. By reconfiguring Ketra lights to work natively with Lutron’s wireless systems, Type X has unified the two systems, making it easier to bring the highest-quality light into your home.

Using HomeWorks Designer software, we can design Ketra lighting systems with customized color temperature, spectrum, vibrancy, and scenes. What does this mean to you, the homeowner? Let’s take a closer look.

Dialing in the Perfect Light

Using the Lutron Connect app or wall keypad, you can create the perfect lighting with ease, speed, and precision, effortlessly making beautiful, customized lighting. Ketra’s LED tunable lighting brings a near-infinite spectrum of colors, from incredible shades of white to vibrant colors and pastels, enabling you to dial them in with pinpoint accuracy. Advanced Dynamic Spectrum Control lets you use lighting like an artist uses a palette.

Natural Lighting

Natural light mimics the sun, changing throughout the day from the sun’s first soft yellow rays to the warm orange-red hues of a fading sunset. There's something incredibly inspiring about watching the lighting transform around you in much that same way it's changing in the world.

Now, you can personalize the intensity of Ketra’s Natural Light, giving you the right intensity of light in the kitchen as you prepare a meal and then settling into a softer hue as you entertain.  

Setting the Scene

Our certified technicians can design individual lighting solutions based on the occasion. For example, when gathering with family and friends for a meal, we can set the scene with light that fills the space in the warm glow of golden candlelight. If you’re entertaining in your outdoor area, we can transform your landscape and patio lights to illuminate your outdoor space in the color of moonlight.

Whatever your mood, you can adjust the light accordingly. Lighting scenes are programmed through the same interface that controls your HVAC, motorized shades, whole-home audio, security, and more. Control your lighting and scenes from a tablet, keypad, smartphone, or with your voice.

The dynamic light of Ketra now integrates with Lutron’s full suite of voice control tools, including, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.

At Wipliance, we’ve served Seattle, WA, and the surrounding areas for over 15 years, providing customized smart home automation solutions and helping our clients achieve the home of their dreams. As a Lutron Diamond Dealer and Lutron Excellence Award Winner, we’re committed to delivering the best this leading brand has to offer. To learn more about Lutron lighting or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Wipliance today.