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CES 2020: The Hottest Finds on the Show Floor

Our Favorite Finds from The Year's Biggest Technology Expo

At CES, The Future is Now 

CES (Consumer Electronics Expo) is always a great insight into the latest innovations coming to the consumer technology world. And CES 2020 was no exception- with a focus on the latest TV technology to 5G and more- including voice assistants in just about anything. In the 34 years that our leadership team has attended CES, we are still amazed at what we find on the show floor. Read on to see about our favorite finds at this year's CES. 


TVs for the Masses: 4K, 8K, Rollable, Zero Bezel, and More

photo credit: CEProEntertainment technology was a huge focus at this year's CES.
While 8K is nothing new, it is continually becoming more accessible. Samsung, Sony and LG all feature 8K models that make currently available 4K content even sharper than before. One of the bigger buzzes at CES this year was Samsung's Zero-Bezel 8K TV. The new QLED 8K uses 99 percent of its front surface for the display. There is a bezel, but it’s hard to perceive at just 2.3 millimeters. The TV itself is incredibly thin at 15 millimeters.

Rollable TV's from LG are getting ready to ...roll... off the assembly lines! LG Rollable TV

With their debut at CES last year, this 65-inch OLED television that's flexible enough to roll up and down is still the talk of the show floor. The screen rolls down and disappears into its cabinet when you're done watching, completely out of sight. When you want to watch TV, a push of a button on the remote brings the OLED screen back up with a magical reveal effect. Pricing is not yet available but we expect this will be shipping in Spring/Summer 2020. 

Car Tech: Sony Shocks CES with its Vision-S Concept Car 

sony vision car CESPerhaps one of the most memorable and talked-about elements of the show was one that has no price tag or plan for production or  release. Entertainment giant Sony came to play with their Vision-S concept car- meant to showcase every automotive feature Sony can produce- such as its' state-of-the-art back up cameras,  personalized cabin climates, four kinds of safety and driving sensors, and more. 

"This prototype embodies our contribution to the future of mobility and contains a variety of Sony's technologies," Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said at the unveiling. The car features a panoramic screen that stretches the length of the dashboard, making the instrument panel and center screen into one contiguous screen. There are also rear-facing screens on the backs of the front headrests.

Wearables: Putting Alexa in (Literally) Everything 

MOEN at CESWeird and zany Alexa integrations are nothing new, at least at CES. We’ve seen Alexa-enabled toilets, meditation bands, e-bikes, washing machines, and more in years past. This year we were introduced to the U Smart Faucet by Moen - which ensures the user will get the precise amount of water at the perfect temperature, every time. Intended to save water and increase convenience, this is the latest of many smart lifestyle products that make us wonder just how far away we are from flying cars. 

What were your favorite announcements or products at CES? 


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