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Does Your Security System Stack Up?

Get Smarter Home Security with Control4

Does Your Security System Stack Up?

Every homeowner wants to feel safe in their home. In a recent Coldwell Banker survey, over 60% of respondents were interested in smart technology like lighting, locks, and surveillance cameras to keep their property and family safer.

This kind of data indicates that homeowners are eager for better security solutions in the Phoenix AZ area and beyond. With today’s advanced technology, people want to move beyond the standard security alarm, keypad, and door and window sensors.

But there’s more to security than newer sensors and cameras. When you tie these pieces into a cohesive smart home automation system for your Phoenix property, you get a smart home security solution that goes above and beyond. Read on for more.

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Always Informed

Today's smart security features not only alert you when something may be amiss; they can keep you informed all the time. With a Control4 system, you can always view a feed from any connected video camera. But with Control4 Touch Screens in the house, you can do more. Is the babysitter not answering the phone? You can connect from your smartphone to a specific Control4 Touch Screen in your home and communicate with the sitter and kids.

When you install smart locks – Control4 works with a variety of the best brands – you’ll always know if all your entries are secured. Any door, even the garage, can be equipped with smart locking. If you ever forget to lock a door, you can do it from anywhere with a touch of a button on your smartphone.

If you want to keep track of deliveries, visitors, or anything else, a Control4 video doorbell keeps tabs on the front door. You can let a service person in temporarily, and lock up remotely after they leave. Know when a package arrives, communicate with the delivery person, and have then place your package safely inside – all with your smart lock and video-doorbell equipped Control4 system.

Proactive Protection

Be informed of any potential damage in your home with environmental sensors. If you have a prized wine collection in a cellar or special refrigerated room, you can monitor the temperature and humidity remotely and know immediately if something is off. Likewise, water and humidity sensors can detect a water leak under a sink or other area of the house before it becomes a problem.

Your smart security system can always be prepared for the worst. If an intruder breaks in, either a motion sensor or intelligent camera can trigger all your lights to turn on as well as an alarm, a sequence likely to startle the perpetrator. Should a smoke alarm go off in the middle of the night, your system could light a path to the nearest doors, unlock them, turn off your HVAC system to prevent the spread of smoke, and even flash your outside lights to help responders quickly locate your house.

Peace of Mind

Control4 smart home security can also intelligently make your house look occupied when you’re not there. The unique “Mockupancy” feature learns your habits with lights and AV equipment and can turn things on and off in a realistic pattern that can keep potential intruders guessing.

Equip your Phoenix home with a smart security system that delivers real peace of mind. Call us today at 480-771-5500 to get started, or use our online form to reach out. We look forward to working with you.

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