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Here’s What to Expect When You Upgrade Your Restaurant’s A/V

Good Things Come to Those with an Upgraded Commercial Audio Video Installation

Here’s What to Expect When You Upgrade Your Restaurant’s A/V

As a busy restaurant owner, you’re constantly brainstoring creative ways to bring in new traffic and surprise your current patrons with crafty cocktail creations, stylish entrées, and decadent desserts. After all, your customers have come for an evening of dining. But while food and drink are the foundation of any good eatery, the bells and whistles of your restaurant, like your A/V system, can make or break a loyal customer.

The importance of keeping your restaurant’s audio video system up to date is a close second to creating a masterful menu. Your customers will visit your restaurant for the food but stay for the experience when you invest in an innovative commercial audio video installation by our Phoenix-area award-winning team at Wipliance.

Keep reading to learn just what to expect when you bring state-of-the-art technology into your restaurant milieu.

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Your Patrons Will Have More Control

Put more control in your customer’s hands with interactive digital menus at every table and bar counter. Digital menus give your patrons the leisure and control to order precisely what they desire when they are ready. They also show your customers that your restaurant is a step ahead of the competition.

Your restaurant’s digital menus can also be used as entertainment while your visitors await their orders. Install games for friends and families to play together, and even create a survey that pops up at the end of their dining experience so your guests can give swift feedback on their time at your eatery.

You’ll Enliven the Atmosphere

As we mentioned before, food-goers don’t just stay for good food. They’re usually looking for that extra pizazz that makes your restaurant better than the one next door. Give your visitors what they’re looking for with stunning 4K TV displays and a high-quality speaker system for brightly broadcasted sports games and crystal-clear background music.

Properly and professionally placed displays and speakers can create the ultimate social hub and keep visitors in your restaurant for hours. Share audio sources across several areas of your restaurant and bar area, including private rooms and outside patios. And when it’s time for sports, easily control your media devices to change from music to the game from one centralized control system.

You’ll Boost Your Brand’s Image

As the issue of climate change continues to rise, businesses around the world are adjusting how they operate to reduce their carbon footprint. Make your business operations no different by investing in greener technology solutions like smart LED lighting control to not only help keep the planet greener but show your patrons that you care about the bigger picture.

LED lighting control not only enhances the ambiance of your restaurant with warm, dim hues for evenings and bright, cool tones for morning brunch, but it’s a more environmentally friendly option compared to incandescent and fluorescent solutions that require much more energy to run and emit a significant amount of heat.

What’s more, automating your lighting system can help reduce your electricity bill by scheduling your lights to turn on and off at certain times, dim and brighten by command, or operate based on vacancy or occupancy sensors.

We know you’re the restaurant professional. Let our Arizona team of commercial technology professionals work with you to create the ultimate dining experience for your patrons with an upgraded audio video system.

To get started, contact us here or send us a live chat below right now.

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