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How to Create a Wow-Factor AV System for Your Restaurant or Bar

No Matter the Scale of Your Commercial Audio Video Installation, Wipliance Makes Control Effortless

How to Create a Wow-Factor AV System for Your Restaurant or Bar

Technology and digital entertainment have revolutionized the way businesses operate, market themselves, and bring in customers—and the restaurant industry is no exception. In fact, many food-goers and cocktail connoisseurs select their favorite places to dine based on factors that go beyond the menu, such as a state-of-the-art AV system.

Your patrons may come for the food and drinks, but they stay for the experience. With a top-tier commercial audio video installation by our Wipliance team, you’ll wow your customers and stand out among your nearby Phoenix competitors. Learn what you need to create a stunning and intuitive AV system for your Arizona restaurant or bar by reading below.

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Choose an HDMI Over IP Matrix from Just Add Power

By ditching the traditional matrix setup and implementing an HDMI over IP matrix for your AV system, you can build a distribution system of networked AV devices that is entirely scalable, reliable, cost-efficient, and effortless to control.

Our team at Wipliance works with Just Add Power to bring HDMI over IP product solutions to expansive AV systems in the commercial space, enabling you to distribute multiple sources to hundreds of screens, create stunning video walls, and even combine multiple video feeds onto a single display.

With Just Add Power, we can create any size 4K or 1080p HDMI matrix using a 1 GB network and Cat 5e/6 cabling. Any combination of outputs is possible, and your system can easily expand to accommodate additional displays and zones. Just Add Power solutions work with all 4K sources, supports all audio formats, and is seamless in setup and scalability.

Control Every Source from One Interface with SAVI

Whether you have five or 500 displays and zones across your restaurant or bar, controlling your AV system must be effortless and easily trainable so that your staff isn’t distracted by changing channels and playlists instead of tending to customers.

That’s where SAVI comes in. SAVI, which stands for Simple Audio Visual Interface, is a thoughtfully designed AV control platform that’s both easy to use and simple to configure. The web-enabled SAVI platform works with your business’ Control4 system controller and creates a powerful and intuitive commercial control user interface for virtually any size AV system.

SAVI brings all endpoints and sources to a single screen on your smart device of choice, whether that’s a handheld tablet, in-wall keypad, or mobile phone. From the SAVI UI, any user can easily change channels on one or multiple TVs and switch the audio in one or multiple zones—in just a tap. Train new staff members on the SAVI interface in minutes, and spend more time tending to customers instead of managing your displays and music.

Stay Up to Date on the Industry’s Latest AV Solutions

Even with a Just Add Power matrix setup and SAVI control, your commercial AV system is not complete without the latest and greatest products in sound and video. Our team at Wipliance can ensure your AV system stays up to date with the industry’s highest-performing solutions in 4K HDR projectors and displays, stereo and surround sound audio, and more.

No matter your vision or the current layout of your business, we can create a custom-tailored and scalable AV distribution system with today’s top-tier technologies that will keep patrons coming to your door for years to come.

We may be the AV experts, but we know you’re the restaurant professional. We’d love to partner with you to help elevate your business and bring in more customers with a wow-factor AV system. To get started, contact us by filling out our online form or send us a live chat below now!

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