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How to Elevate Your Home’s Bathroom Lighting

Find the Perfect Solution for Getting Ready or Relaxing After a Long Day

How to Elevate Your Home’s Bathroom Lighting

How do you know if the lighting in your home is doing its job? Like many things in life, you know it’s working when you don’t notice it. Over the years, we’ve talked to many clients about the lighting issues that become a daily annoyance, from glare on the TV to lack of task lighting for homework or doing dishes.

Over the years, though, one area of the home seems to be the biggest culprit: the bathroom. When you stay at a hotel, how often are you surprised about the amount and quality of lighting by the sink or shower? The bathroom has so many unique uses that simple overhead lights just won’t do the job.

So how can you embrace a more elevated lighting design in your bathroom? As a home lighting consultant serving Seattle, WA and the surrounding areas, we have some tips on using layered lighting and color temperature for the perfect illumination every time. You can also check these bathroom lighting tips in action in our video tutorial.

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Purposeful Lighting for the Sink

When you rely on just overhead lighting for the sink, you end up with unseemly shadows over your face. That’s why lighted makeup mirrors are such a popular product. Aside from overhead ceiling lights, you should also have lights on the top and side of the mirror to properly illuminate your entire face. Then, with a lighting control system, set the ideal intensity and color temperature to bring out your best features when getting ready in the morning.

Adjust Your Shower to Match Your Mood

Shower lighting is a common problem since it often relies on one improperly placed overhead fixture. This leads to undesirable shadows and dark showers while the curtain is drawn or door closed. Instead, we recommend having multiple overhead fixtures and some on the side to create a truly layered lighting design. Then, take advantage of lighting control to adjust lighting based on your mood.

In the morning, bright overhead blue light lets you get energized as you prepare for the day ahead. But what if you’re a fan of evening showers before going to bed? You don’t want lighting that jars you awake. Instead, dim the lights and change the color temperature to a warm amber to relax after a long day.

Create the Perfect Nighttime Environment

This gets us to another common issue with bathroom lighting–what to do at night. Nothing ruins a restful sleep more than bright overhead lighting when visiting the bathroom in the middle of the night. While setting a dimmed nighttime scene is a great option, we recommend another one: accent lighting! Instead of activating overhead lights, use subtle accent lighting by the sink, shower or toilet to light the way. This creates a less disruptive trip, so you can get back to sleep seamlessly.

Is your bathroom lighting elevating or hampering your mood? Reach out to our team for a tailor-made home lighting solution that creates the perfect environment every time. Schedule a consultation with our lighting experts by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting below.