Is Your Home Theater Ready for Football Season?

Is Your Home Theater Ready for Football Season?

It’s that time of year again! Football players are getting geared up for another long season, are you? Fall is a great time to think about updating your home entertainment system, and not just for

It’s that time of year again! Football players are getting geared up for another long season, are you? Fall is a great time to think about updating your home entertainment system, and not just for football, but for entertaining during the holidays as well, right? Ok, who are we kidding... of course the main reason many decide to opt for an updated home entertainment system during this time of year is, like it or not, SPORTS! Many man-cave dwellers may claim more altruistic intentions behind their decision to update their system, but we all know the truth. It’s that they deeply fear having to squint at a tiny screen and listen to game feed audio on a low fidelity system, and with good reason...the reason being that’s no fun. In this post, we’re going to give you a few tips for updating your home theater in preparation for football season. We’ll even give you a few examples of some systems that have the right idea.

Seating in your Home Theater

This is something that, somehow, a lot of people tend to overlook. Remember, a theater, in your home or otherwise, is not sufficient without adequate seating. That means seating, that’s comfortable, conveniently positioned, and oriented to FACE THE SCREEN.



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Check out how the couch is a nice distance from the tv at a straight-on angle. This home theater means business. No fuss, just plop down and get lost in the game. There’s even room to lay out.


Don't Home Theater room Seattle WA

While some may think that this odd configuration is a win, it’s not. It’s officially not. This is a fail, ladies and gentleman, a good ole fashioned home theater seating fail. Sure, you may be able to fit your entire frat in there, but at what cost? Say there’s a touchdown, the room gets rowdy and the couch falls over. Instant carnage. Not only is this orientation inconvenient and precarious, it just looks awful. Moving on!

The Centerpiece of your home entertainment system, the Screen

When it comes to screen size, many man-cave dwellers seem to think that bigger is always better. Well folks, here at Wipliance, we’re here to dispel any and all home theater installation myths, the foremost of which concerns screen size. Here’s the truth; bigger is not always better! Really the size of the screen you choose should really depend upon the space that it’s occupying. Too large of a screen in tiny room and it’ll feel like the entire room is inside of a neon bulb. Too small, and the action is tough to keep track of. Just remember, a bigger screen will not help your team win! Choose a screen that fits the room, not your fantasy of the in-home jumbotron.


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The orientation of this den makes great sense for the size of the screen. It’s big enough to get a good sense of the action but it doesn’t take up the entire wall. And it leaves enough space available for this room to serve more than one purpose, like serving a half-time mean, perhaps. 


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Does watching a football game in this room look like fun to you? Ok, I’ll admit it, it doesn’t seem half bad to lounge out in there. But, in truth, that screen size is a bit extraneous, especially when you consider the orientation of the stairs. This room would be a bit more comfortable, economical, and practical with a smaller screen and more chairs situated closer in. Of course, screen size is a subjective issue when it comes to your personal home theater, but it always benefits to try and match a screen with a room.

The Sound System in your Home Theater

This is another thing that depends heavily on the size of the room in which you choose to put your home theater. Sure, everyone would like to throw down with a massive sound system that’ll knock you out of your La-Z Boy, but on the whole sound systems of such power are usually unnecessary, not mention very expensive. And remember, announcers sound best when they’re just a bit louder than the game, and not screaming in your ear.



This home theater does a nice job of cloaking it’s sound system. That’s a guideline we try and follow at wipliance; speakers should be heard and not seen. Of course, this sort of orientation might not work well for everyone; it’s impractical for some to hide their speakers in the walls or elsewhere. But, you can still opt for smaller, sleeker speakers, whether or not they’ll remain visible. Often times, you won’t even need a very large or powerful sound system to get the sort of volume and sound quality you’re looking for. Remember, with sound, less is more.



Sheesh! Do you think this person really needs all that sonic power behind that tiny flat screen. Hardly! This is a classic case of overkill, not only do the speaker towers look terribly ugly, they’re completely unnecessary. That’s not to say that you should only go for state-of-art in-wall surround sound, or even that it's bad to have speakers facing you inline with the screen. But when you have a set of speakers that resembles the goal posts, you may need to rethink a few things.

Home Theater Installation with Wipliance

So, now that you know the score, is your home theater really ready for Football season? If it’s not and you’re looking to set up a home theater system in Seattle or Bellevue before the Hawks hit CenturyLink or before the Dawgs hit Husky Stadium don’t worry, there’s still time! Wipliance can work with you to install a system that perfectly fits your home without breaking the bank. Our home automation and audio/video services have unparalleled acclaim from residents all across Puget Sound. If you want to deck out your man-cave in the ultimate fandom style so that you can see this beloved sport the way it was meant to be seen, make sure to give Wipliance a call.

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