Selecting the Perfect Home Theater Furniture

Selecting the Perfect Home Theater Furniture

home theater system isn’t just the focal piece of a room; it’s the entertainment hub of your home.

Wipliance is the premier provider of Home Theater installation in Scottsdale, AZ and Seattle, WA. In every home theater installation we preform, we're deeply invested in the customer's overall experience and level of enjoyment. Whatever you're home requires, we can help create a home theater system that is sure to make you the envy of the neighborhood. And the cornerstone of your home theater system isn't necessarily the technology, it's the furniture. When selecting your home theater furniture, choose products that not only matches your lifestyle, but are loaded with features that are designed to highlight and maximize your technology investment. Wipliance offers a wide selection of unique and custom solutions for home theater cabinetry, home theater seating and more from top names such as Salamander Designs and Fortress Seating

Here are some things to consider when selecting the perfect home theater furniture: 

Contemporary or Traditional?

A finish should complement your existing furniture. Many solutions offer multiple door finishes and colors, as well as styles and trim detail.

TVs generally look best when paired with furniture that is at least as wide as the TV. If you pick a cabinet that is too wide for your TV, your screen may appear smaller in comparison.

Open or Closed?

Open shelving puts your home theater system on display, providing easy access to the front of components. If you would prefer your TV be the star, then an enclosed cabinet may be the right choice. Components are well protected in an enclosed cabinet—just make sure the cabinet you choose has ventilation features to keep components cool, and uses IR-friendly glass to allow electronics to read remote signals through closed doors, or utilizes an IR repeater for access through solid doors.

Adjustability & Accessibility

Furniture should be able to adapt to changes over time while still allowing quick access to your electronics. Always look for easy access to the rear of your components and connections. Adjustable shelves are a must, as they can be re-positioned effortlessly. 

Cable Management

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show without looking through a web of wires. The ideal home theater furniture has an integrated wire management system that allows you to interconnect your components while keeping the cables neatly controlled and out of sight. Wire management also keeps things organized during initial setup, making maintenance and adding components much simpler.


Find furniture with optimal space for all of your electronics including soundbars and speakers. Choose a home theater system with enough storage space that lets you keep these items organized, accessible, and most importantly, usable.


Electronics put off a lot of heat, and that heat has to go somewhere. Many types of home theater furniture are designed to incorporate or accommodate ventilation systems and cooling mechanisms that keep your equipment performing reliably. 

Looking for a home theater installation in Scottsdale, AZ? Wipliance offers a wide selection of home theater furniture options. Click here to schedule your consultation to learn more. 

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