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Tame the Elements with Outdoor Shades from Screen Innovations

Experience the Perfect Outdoor Motorized Window Treatments for Weather & Insect Control

Tame the Elements with Outdoor Shades from Screen Innovations

Motorized window treatments work wonders when it comes to protecting your home’s interior from extreme temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona, but what about your outdoor spaces?

Instead of neglecting your backyard when the weather goes south, extend the entertainment outdoors with motorized shades from Screen Innovations that intelligently tame the elements and keep your exterior spaces comfortable and protected all year long. Discover how Screen Innovations’ line of outdoor shades can transform your outdoor living spaces by reading below.

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Extend Your Home’s Square Footage

Motorized outdoor shades from Screen Innovations extend your home’s square footage by creating a sealed enclosure around your patio, outdoor home theater or other exterior space for an added living area that feels like part of your house. Easily expand your family get-togethers, work parties and more to your veranda, outdoor bar or whatever living space you have attached to your home.

Choose from Screen Innovations’ Zen Box shades, which are designed with a cassette headrail that blends in perfectly with exterior walls and beams, or the Zen Roll shades, which expose the roll for a more modern look. Both the cassette and roll styles come in a variety of colors that have been hand-picked by designers to complement your home.

Keep Out Bugs, Heat & Cold

If there’s one element that deters Arizonians from enjoying their outdoor spaces, it’s the heat. Outdoor shades by Screen Innovations are an excellent solution to keeping your outdoor spaces shaded without obscuring your views so you can relax on your patio during any season.

Not only do these sealed outdoor shades help lock in comfortable temperatures throughout your exterior living spaces, but they also help to keep out insects and debris so your patio furniture and outdoor TV displays stay better protected. No more swatting away mosquitos and covering your appliances with tacky tarp!

Control Your Way

You don’t have to be outside—or even at home—to control your outdoor shades when you choose Screen Innovations. Their line of motorized outdoor shades can be controlled by anything you can imagine. Control4 home automation system? Check. Amazon Alexa? Check. Hand-held remote? Check. The list goes on.

Whatever your preference of control, Screen Innovations makes it easy so you can focus less on operating your technology and more on enjoying and protecting your outdoor living spaces. You can even set your outdoor shades to follow an astronomical timeclock so that they lift and lower with the sun. Talk about total hands-free control.

Transform what you can do with your home by investing in Screen Innovations’ line of outdoor shades. You’ll not only add value to your property, but you’ll have the opportunity to extend the fun of your favorite activities to your beautiful outdoor living spaces.

As your local Screen Innovations dealer, our team at Wipliance can help you get started today. Connect with us here or send us a live chat below to learn how to elevate your home with outdoor shades from Screen Innovations. We look forward to assisting you!

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