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What Can You Do with Whole Home Lighting Control?

Hint: There’s More to the Keypads than Meets the Eye

What Can You Do with Whole Home Lighting Control?

One of the smart home features our client request – and love – most is lighting control. When you equip your Redmond, WA property with a whole-home lighting control system, you’ll have an incredible tool for managing illumination in your home, inside and out.

But there’s more to lighting control than just the lights. With elegant Lutron programmable keypads, you can do more than turn lights on and off and dim them. Much more – read more below to see how lighting control keypads let you manage the rest of your smart home. 

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We’ve talked about scenes in lighting control; it's one of the best features for convenience and luxury. Lighting scenes give you one-touch control over a roomful or entire houseful of lights. For example, a button on a Lutron keypad for "entertain" can dim lights strategically around your living areas, set mood lighting in hallways, light the way to essentials like the powder room, and light the patio for an indoor/outdoor summer party. You can even change the settings for these lights and store them for later use with the same button. 

Voice Control 

Lutron recently announced a partnership with to provide seamless voice control through its keypads. Their Josh-ai Ready Wallplates include a Nano voice control module that receives requests to adjust individual lights or even pull up their custom scenes. These Wallplates are available in Lutron’s Palladiom, seeTouch and Pico models. 

Extending the Scene Beyond Lighting

What if that keypad button did more than just lighting control? It can! Thanks to smart integration, your “entertain” scene can also start a party playlist on your whole home audio system. There are many other options too. Say you’re ready to enjoy a show in your media room or home theater. Set the mood with the “TV Time” scene. Your lights will dim, the smart thermostat goes to a comfortable sofa-lounging temperature, your TV reveals itself from the custom credenza, and the sound system starts with the correct settings. Isn’t that easier than a gaggle of wall switches and remote controls? 

Staying Secure

There are other excellent uses for wall keypads. How about one touch to get ready for bed? A button by your bedside shuts off most house lights (leaving dimmed night lighting), turns on outside lights for safety, closes the garage door (if still open), and arms your alarm and any indoor and outdoor security cameras. Going to bed just got easier.

Snappier Mornings

We’ll leave you with one more option for your multifunction keypad. How about a button by your bed that gets the house ready for you? When you wake up, one button opens your motorized window treatments, lights up the kitchen, starts the coffee through an appliance module, and even starts your favorite news source on the audio speakers in the kitchen. Isn’t that an easier way to wake up? 


Whole-home lighting control can add smart control beyond just lighting. To learn more, contact us here or send us a message in the chatbox below! We look forward to working with you.