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3 Must-Have Speakers to Make the Most out of Your Outdoor Spaces

Enjoy the summer wind and autumn leaves with these outdoor entertainment solutions

3 Must-Have Speakers to Make the Most out of Your Outdoor Spaces

Spending time around nature is one of the easiest ways to make every activity much better. Food is much tastier, drinks are more refreshing, and the moments with family and friends quickly become fond memories. While summer is the most popular season to enjoy some alfresco fun, the truth is that you can enjoy your exterior spaces to the fullest all year long with the right technology. 

By incorporating an outdoor sound system, you seamlessly listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts and more! At Wipliance, we partner with Origin Acoustics, a reputable brand dedicated to designing superior audio equipment that delivers outstanding sound solutions for your home. Keep reading our blog to learn more about three Origin Acoustics speaker series that take you to the next level of entertainment in your Mercer Island, WA, home!

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Bollard Speakers Series

One of the most common challenges when installing outdoor audio is having powerful speakers that deliver perfect sound to a large open area. With landscape bollard speakers from Origin Acoustics, you can enjoy a consistent deep bass at a manageable volume all around your yard, especially if you integrate two or more bollard loudspeakers in the same area. 

Another great benefit of these speakers is that they include an easy-to-bury integrated subwoofer, which combined with their relatively small size, allows for seamless installation and makes them a great option for maintaining the aesthetics of your landscape design.

Acoustic Landscape Series

The acoustic landscape satellite series is the best way to create a fully immersive audio experience outdoors. You can power up to four speakers per channel from any premium amplifier, and by adding a top-level subwoofer, you can expand your system to a total of eight satellites. These 2-way loudspeakers are also quite easy to install, as they include spikes that hold your system securely in virtually any soil type.

Seasons Collection Series

This loudspeaker series is one of the best options for integrating high-performance sound in any outdoor environment. Whether you choose the aesthetically refined speakers to compliment your landscape design or nearly invisible devices that blend in with nature, you can enjoy realistic audio to have the best content-watching experience.

All of the speakers we mentioned in this blog are built with durable materials that make them highly resistant to moisture, dust, intense heat and other weather conditions. So, rest assured that you’ll enjoy outdoor fun for many years to come. 

At Wipliance, we are deeply committed to making your lifestyle much more enjoyable with our high-tech solutions. Are you ready to integrate an outdoor sound system and host the best backyard gatherings for your loved ones? Contact us today by filling out this online form or dropping a message on the chat box below.

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