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Discover Solo: A Wireless, Motorized, Zero-Edge Projector Screen

Learn Why Solo Is the Movie Screen You Need for Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment

Discover Solo: A Wireless, Motorized, Zero-Edge Projector Screen

One of the best ways to round out a fun-filled day in the Washington outdoors is gathering around for a movie night under the stars. But with the growing number of products available for outdoor video, it can be difficult to decide which will work best for you and your backyard.

That’s why our AV experts at Wipliance trust and partner with Screen Innovations to bring elite outdoor movie screens to backyards across Bellevue and beyond. In this blog, we’ll explore Screen Innovation’s Solo outdoor display solution and why it’s the latest in innovative, must-have movie screens for homeowners and cinephiles alike. Read on to learn more!

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Take Your Solo Screen Anywhere

Screen Innovation’s Solo movie screen lives in a lightweight 2 ¾” clear anodized cassette that you can easily carry anywhere for your movie location of choice, whether that’s in your backyard or camping in the great outdoors. All you need are two pre-installed mounting brackets to snap the Solo movie screen cassette in place. Then, with the tap of a remote, watch the zero-edge screen lower out of the cassette before your eyes.

Choose permanent brackets that stay screwed in place for a dedicated viewing area, such as an exterior wall of your home or from the ceiling inside your cabana. For a more temporary location, use Screen Innovation’s suction cup brackets to reveal your Solo screen from your truck or camping trailer! When you’re done using it, simply tap the Solo remote to roll the screen back into the cassette, unsnap the cassette from the brackets, and store it away.

Use Your Solo Screen During the Day and Night

Unlike popular outdoor projector screens that work best only at night when ambient light is precisely controlled, the Solo display is made with Screen Innovation’s proprietary Slate ALR screen material, which offers 65% ambient light rejection (ALR) for your environment. Most matte white projector screens only offer 10% ALR! That’s a big difference in visibility.

With the Solo movie screen, say goodbye to washed out views of your favorite movies. Now you can start a film with your family and friends during the day and enjoy a clear, vivid picture before the sun goes down.

Enjoy for Years on a Single Charge

The motorized feature of the Solo movie screen makes setup a breeze. Like we mentioned before, it’s as easy as snapping the cassette onto brackets and tapping a button. But because it runs on a motor, it needs to be charged in order to operate.

Fortunately, the Solo screen runs on a proprietary lithium-powered rechargeable motor that runs for two years after a single charge! And charging the motor is just as easy as setting up your screen. Simply plug the included charger in the wall and connect the other end of the charger cable to the magnetic charging port on the cassette. That’s it! Once your Solo screen is charged, it’s virtually maintenance-free and ready for use until it’s time to charge again.

Bring Solo to your backyard and liven up your outdoor get-togethers this season and all year long. Our team not only offers solutions from Screen Innovations but partners with industry-leading outdoor audio and lighting solutions as well to bring you everything you need for an incredible outdoor entertainment system.

Ready to elevate your outdoor entertainment? We’re ready to help! Contact us here or send us a live chat below to connect with a Wipliance AV expert today.

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