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Expand Your Music Experience to the Great Outdoors!

Unlock the Potential of a Landscape Speaker System from Origin Acoustics

Expand Your Music Experience to the Great Outdoors!

If you love listening to music, you likely have a robust sound system installed in your media room or home theater. The right speakers transform any listening space into a superb soundstage. Settle back in your seat, tap an icon on your smart home tablet to select a song or playlist, and your favorite music surrounds you. There’s nothing quite like a high-end audio experience in your Scottsdale, AZ home.

However, achieving the same effect in your outdoor spaces is not always as simple. The acoustics of outdoor areas is completely different than indoor spaces. So, a landscape speaker system must be set up differently. Scroll down to see how Wipliance uses our extensive expertise as well as Origin Acoustics outdoor speakers to ensure an immersive sound experience in your backyard. 

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Is DIY the Best Idea? 

Most audio systems, both indoor and outdoor, need to be installed by a professional in order to achieve optimal sound quality. For instance, it’s likely you didn’t install the surround-sound speakers in your home theater or in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for your whole-home audio system. Why not? Because everything must be properly wired, positioned, and calibrated for outstanding performance.

A landscape speaker system is no different. In fact, the installation must take into account completely different acoustics. Outdoor audio that comes from one direction, such as floor-standing speakers, simply will not deliver the consistent and immersive sound you desire. Origin Acoustics solves this problem by designing and manufacturing landscape speakers that can be placed in various locations to guarantee a surround-sound experience in your outdoor spaces. 

Surround-Sound in Your Backyard

From small satellite speakers and in-ground subwoofers to non-intrusive loudspeakers positioned on walls, under eaves, and even within pillars, your landscape speakers will be heard and not seen. But most importantly, you won’t need to blast the volume to enjoy the music. Instead, because all the speakers are properly positioned, they deliver clear and rich music that is fully enjoyable yet not disturbing to your neighbors. 

And just like Origin Acoustics’ indoor speaker system, their outdoor speakers are high-end, meaning you hear music just as the original artists intended—no compression, no distortion, and no nonsense. It’s as if you have a live band in your backyard. Best of all, you can control everything with the tap of an icon. Change the song, adjust the volume, EQ the system, and pause the music right from your tablet or smartphone app. 

Add more music to your outdoor experience with a landscape speaker system from Origin Acoustics. Call Wipliance, chat with us on this page, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.