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Explore the Latest Surveillance System Solutions from IC Realtime

These Intelligent Cameras Set a New Standard of Excellence in Smart Surveillance Technology

Explore the Latest Surveillance System Solutions from IC Realtime

When it comes to the safety of your home, staying up to date with the latest and greatest products in smart home security is essential to ensure that what matters most to you is always protected. However, knowing which products are available to you isn’t always easy as technology continues to advance at a rapid pace.

In this blog, we’ll assist you by introducing the latest surveillance cameras from our partner IC Realtime, a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced surveillance camera system solutions for homes in Scottsdale, AZ and beyond. Get the details below.

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The Flexible AVS-PANO-A007

IC Realtime’s AVS-PANO-A007 is a three-lens camera that provides added flexibility for capturing wide-area surveillance inside and outside your home. With three 2MP I-Sniper sensors working in tandem, the AVS-PANO-A007 creates a panoramic, 180-degree view, allowing the camera to replace multiple single-sensor cameras at a lower overall cost.

Each of the three I-Sniper sensors in the AVS-PANO-A007 features strong wide dynamic range (WDR) capabilities and provides vibrant color at the lowest levels of illumination. Future proof too, the AVS-PANO-A007 supports three video streams, as well as H.264 and H.265 compression capabilities for flexible video quality.

The AVS-PANO-A007 is perfect for homeowners with expansive properties and wide-open front and backyards.

The 4K ICIP-D8732Z

Ultra HD surveillance is here! Capture surveillance footage in stunning 4K resolution with the ICIP-8000 series of 4K cameras by IC Realtime for never-before-seen levels of clarity and resolution.

The ICIP-D8732Z is a small dome camera that packs a lot of brainpower. This camera adopts a 4K sensor enabling 8-megapixel video at up to 15FPS when paired with a compatible 4K series NVR (network video recorder). The sensor in the ICIP-D8732Z sits atop a fixed lens and is paired with infrared LEDs that are capable of supplying illumination up to an astonishing 164 feet.

Although the ICIP-D8732Z also has a strong 120 dB dynamic range and is therefore considered a “true WDR” camera, the real magic lies in its AI suite of features, including tripwire, intrusion, scene change, and face detection.

The ICIP-D8732Z is perfect for a wide array of large home environments, including expansive properties and estates.

The Vivid ICIP-MLD42-IR

The ICIP-MLD42-IR multi-sensor camera takes wide coverage to new heights. Ranging from 180-degree to 360-degree angles, its flexibility to capture wide-area footage is immense. The ICIP-MLD42-IR features four adjustable 2MP lenses and replaces multiple single-sensor cameras for monitoring significantly wide-open spaces, building corners, and intersecting hallways.

Sensor synchronization ensures clear imagery in total darkness, and Starlight Technology keeps the camera in color when low-light performance and useable video with minimal ambient lighting is required. What’s more, its WDR of 140 dB allows for vivid picture and exceptional footage where both bright and low light conditions exist or change quickly.

Built with intelligence in mind, the ICIP-MLD42-IR can detect and analyze moving objects for improved surveillance and security, virtually eliminating false alerts. This camera also supports H.265 encoding for quality recording, compression, and distribution of video footage.

Our team at Wipliance proudly partners with IC Realtime to bring homeowners the best in cutting-edge surveillance technology for better home security and stronger peace of mind. From upgrading your current cameras to installing a robust surveillance system that integrates with the rest of your smart home, we can do it all. Contact our team here or send us a live chat below to learn how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you!

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