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Is It Really Worth It to Pay More for Focal High-Fidelity Speakers?

Our Home Audio Specialists Say Yes, and Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Is It Really Worth It to Pay More for Focal High-Fidelity Speakers?

Any music listener has likely wondered: Why are some stereo speakers $500 and others $50,000? Is the quality really that different between budget-friendly and high-end speakers, or is it a scam?

While no one should judge speaker quality solely on cost, it’s true that speakers with heftier price tags tend to be made with better materials and technologies that improve sound performance.

Focal is a renowned name in hi-fi audio, and while their prices aren’t exactly economical, there’s a good reason why (five reasons, actually). Let the home audio specialists at Wipliance break them down! Read on to learn why Focal speakers are 100% worth it for any music listener in Phoenix, AZ with high expectations.

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High-Density Wood Enclosures

Speaker enclosures, or the structures that house all the speaker components, play a key role in sound quality. The less rigid and robust, the more resonance, or unwanted speaker vibration, which can distort your music. Focal speaker enclosures are made with high-density pressed wood and feature excellent damping properties, which results in minimal distortion and richer, clearer sound.

Proprietary Speaker Drivers

Many speaker drivers are made from polypropylene, which some discerning audiophiles would argue doesn’t produce quite as lively sound as their stiffer driver counterparts. The more rigid drivers are, the less distorted the sound. Focal uses a variety of unique, high-quality materials like Kevlar, aluminum, and pure beryllium that are not only low in mass but are up to 180-times more rigid than polypropylene.

Advanced Technologies

Speakers can look great, but cheap options often lack the careful engineering required to produce highly accurate sound that honors artists’ creations. Focal is one of few speaker manufacturers that continues their acoustic research to provide the absolute best in hi-fi audio solutions. Their speakers are chock-full of advanced technologies that ensure every original work is reproduced as faithfully as possible.

Strict Quality Control

It’s hard to oversee speaker quality when manufacturing is outsourced to other factories. Without good quality control, you could end up with a pair of speakers that lack consistency in sound. Not only does French-based Focal design and develop their speakers in France, but they have their own cabinet-making facility and apply strict quality control standards to guarantee that the manufacturing process adheres to their values.

Beautiful and Meaningful Aesthetic

Looks don’t necessarily impact sound quality, but they matter if you’re planning on showcasing your speakers in your listening room or media room. Real wood veneers and high-gloss lacquer finishes cost more but make quite the statement. Still, Focal takes aesthetics a step further. From the base to the shape of the enclosure to the exotic details, every facet of the Focal design serves to improve speaker performance, too. Their speakers are beautiful—and that mindful beauty helps make your music shine.

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To learn more about the Focal speaker line or bring Focal to your home, contact the audio specialists at Wipliance! Schedule a free consultation by filling out our contact form or sending us a message below.

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