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Is Your Office Lighting Negatively Affecting Business Performance?

Improve Productivity and Comfort with Natural Light and Tunable LEDs

Is Your Office Lighting Negatively Affecting Business Performance?

The modern workplace is undergoing a transformation. What used to be a one-size-fits-all environment is now becoming a more flexible and activity-based space to improve collaboration, focus, and comfort for employees.

Among these changes in the workplace is commercial lighting control. Lighting is considered one of the most critical factors in ergonomics, but this part of an office’s design is often overlooked, rushed, or sacrificed for style. Improper lighting can strain the eyes, cause headaches, lower productivity, and make it difficult for your employees to focus.

When you expand your use of lighting to optimize the wellbeing of your staff, you’ll positively impact your business’ bottom line. Read below to explore the benefits you’ll reap when you turn to natural lighting and tunable LEDs for your next office renovation in Scottsdale, AZ.

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Take Advantage of Natural Light First

Natural light is the best light. Not only does natural light affect how we’re able to see, but it can also improve our mood, energy levels, and hormonal balance. Natural light can also reduce absenteeism by reducing fatigue from inferior and harsh lighting, which means more time off for your employees to recover and recharge. When exposed to the natural cycle of changing sunlight, your staff will experience greater alertness and concentration during meetings and individual worktime.

One of the easiest ways to optimize natural light in the workplace is by using motorized window treatments. Motorized window treatments lift and lower at the touch of a button, but they can also operate on their own when you set them to a schedule. Program your shades to lift and lower at certain times of the day to optimize natural lighting throughout your building, or enjoy more hands-on control by operating a room or floor of shades at the touch of a button. Improve energy savings by utilizing motorized solar shades that help to reduce glare and infrared heat gain while letting in natural daylight.

Improve Poor Lighting with Tunable LEDs

Light is undoubtedly necessary for tasks and meetings at work, but traditional office light often misses the mark when it comes to creating optimal conditions for vision throughout the day. For areas of your office that don’t receive enough natural lighting, use tunable white LED bulbs and fixtures instead. Tunable white light solutions by leading manufacturers like Ketra bring the benefits of natural light indoors by simulating the changing intensity and color temperature of the sun.

While warmer light helps us destress, cooler light keeps us focused. With tunable lighting control, you can schedule the lighting in your office spaces to adjust in brightness and color temperature to align with the changing sunlight outside. You can also create customizable scenes for different areas of your workplace to encourage productivity or meditation.

We all know that prolonged close-proximity work in front of a screen can cause eye strain and fatigue. Plus, low-quality fluorescent lighting commonly seen in offices usually makes symptoms worse. With the right lighting design in place, you can help improve vision conditions for activities that call for bright, dim, warm, or cool lighting depending on the task at hand.

Say goodbye to traditional lighting designs that are stagnant, dull, or harsh by taking advantage of natural sunlight and tunable lighting control that you can customize at will. You’ll help improve the productivity and comfort of your staff, which will ultimately lead to better business performance.

Our team at Wipliance is here to help transform your office with custom-tailored motorized window treatments and tunable lighting solutions. To schedule a free consultation, contact us here or send us a live chat below to speak with a technology professional now.

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