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The Architect’s Guide to Using Ketra Lighting in Home Designs

Visit Our Bellevue Showroom to See Ketra Tunable Lighting in Action

The Architect’s Guide to Using Ketra Lighting in Home Designs

Today’s social and technological developments are transforming the way architects think about home design. Homebuyers want functional, human-centric living spaces that can meet, anticipate, and adapt to their unique needs. And as an architect, you’re expected to deliver.

While many smart technology solutions can help you design more empathetic and intuitive environments for homebuyers, few are as impactful as Ketra lighting technology.

Below, learn how you can use Ketra lighting fixtures to better support the human experience indoors. Then be sure to schedule a visit to our Bellevue, WA showroom, where you can take a tour with our Ketra lighting specialists to see Ketra in action!

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Replicate Natural Light Where Needed

Daylighting is a critical element in home design, and architects can often accomplish it with natural solutions like building orientation, window placement, and skylights. However, construction or budget concerns can force architects to throw out some of these efforts to bring in ample daylight.

If you run into these restrictions, Ketra lighting can make up the difference. Ketra’s tunable LED bulbs and fixtures have the power to replicate the look and feel of natural light by shifting in color temperature and intensity to simulate the dynamics of sunlight. Where natural light is lacking, Ketra can bathe the space in light that shifts from 1,400K to 10,000K and dims down to 0.1%.

Provide Full-Spectrum Light for Designers and Homeowners

A mindful lighting design can look great on paper, but the result might be less than desirable once everything comes to life. Too often, architectural lighting plans are designed with binary light control in mind, which limits the ability to create spaces that adapt to homeowners’ needs at any given time.

Ketra lighting is far from one-dimensional. It provides designers and homeowners with a high-definition palette of nearly 17 million light shades, from pristine whites to vibrant colors and pastels. Users can dial in their desired hue with pinpoint precision and smoothly dim or brighten their lights to suit their needs.

Even better, Ketra tunable lighting can automatically adjust to the perfect color and brightness based on schedules, or users can activate personalized light scenes with the touch of a button.

Experiment with the Maximum Range of Beam Spreads

Lighting plans should always incorporate ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is used for general illumination, task lighting is used for focused activities like cooking, and accent lighting is used to highlight features. Together, they create layers of light that can be altered to suit homeowners’ needs.

Because Ketra recessed fixtures produce the maximum range of beam spreads with uniform color wash and intensity across the beam, you can select the perfect beam spread for each lighting type to ensure it distributes light precisely where you want it—and not where you don’t. Deliver even light distribution across large spaces and focus narrow spots on architectural details with superior precision.

Use Ketra Technology in All Your Lighting Fixtures

Ketra tunable LED technology isn’t limited to just a few fixture types. You can use Ketra LED bulbs with existing decorative fixtures, browse Ketra’s pendant, linear, and luminaire models, or choose from their retrofit or new construction downlights depending on what works best for your project and budget.

Ketra’s new construction downlights lights are especially well suited for today’s luxury smart home designs. These low-profile 3.5-inch downlights include fixed, adjustable, and wall-wash options, feature precise aiming with integrated tilt and rotation markings, and come in a wide variety of trim styles.

See Ketra Lighting in Action at Our Showroom

The Ketra lighting specialists at Wipliance would love to show you the magic of Ketra LED technology firsthand. See Ketra lighting in action by scheduling a visit to our certified showroom in Bellevue! Our experts will be there to show you what’s possible and answer any questions you may have.

Learn more or schedule a showroom visit by contacting us here or chatting with us below!

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