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The Coolest Outdoor Speakers to Add to Your Home This Autumn

Integrate outdoor audio solutions and boost your backyard gatherings!

The Coolest Outdoor Speakers to Add to Your Home This Autumn

Autumn is almost here! That wonderful time of the year when the weather gets chilly, the hot beverages are more delicious, and copper and yellow leaves can be found everywhere. If you, like us, love this beautiful season, why not make the most of fall with an outdoor speaker system in the yard? 

In this blog, we will go through a few of the coolest alfresco speakers by Origin Acoustics you can use to create the ultimate outdoor sound system in your backyard or patio. So keep reading our blog to learn more about these outstanding devices in Coeur d'Alene, ID.

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Bollard Speaker Series

Designed for versatility, Origin Acoustic’s Bollard loudspeaker will help you maintain the beauty and modernity of your landscape areas while offering a superior listening experience. 

This device is equipped with a high-quality aluminum enclosure and far-reaching 360-degree acoustic lens to ensure your audio system will always provide you with perfect definition sound, whether you are hosting a party with loud music and all your friends or you are simply relaxing by the pool with smooth jazz in the background. 

Seasons Landscape Series

This device is the perfect addition to any outdoor space where audio needs to be played at extra high volumes, as they are equipped with titanium tweeters that can reduce ear fatigue, allowing for highly accurate sound reproduction. In addition, titanium tweeters are stiffer and lighter than other materials, extending their durability in the field. 

A great benefit of Origin Acoustic’s Seasons Landscape speaker series is that they can easily blend into your landscape design, allowing nature and not technology to be the center of attention. So enjoy the beauty of your flower beds and beautiful specimen trees while your favorite music comes out of thin air! 

Seasons Outdoor Series 

Regarding audio quality and enhancing installation features, the Seasons Outdoor loudspeakers are the way to go. Whether you choose a small minimalist device or a rock speaker that can add a subtle, stylish touch to your landscape design, rest assured that your outdoor space will be filled with elegance and functionality 

Remember that all of our outdoor speakers are specially engineered to withstand the elements, staying in perfect conditions even with the rain, dust, extreme heat, below-zero temperatures and more. 

At Wipliance, we are passionate about helping you create more enjoyable spaces to spend unforgettable moments with family and friends. Are you ready to incorporate these outstanding sound solutions into your home? Reach out to us right now by filling out an online form or dropping a message in the chat box below. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!