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4 Reasons Why Motorized Shades Are A Smart Choice for Your High-Rise Condo

Enjoy Elevated Seattle Living with Motorized Window Treatments in Your High-Rise

4 Reasons Why Motorized Shades Are A Smart Choice for Your High-Rise Condo

Seattle’s downtown has enjoyed explosive growth in the past few years and many are flocking downtown to enjoy the urban lifestyle. Along the way, many new luxurious high-rises have added to the beautiful city skyline.

If you are living in a luxury downtown apartment or condo, you likely have large windows looking toward the breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier or Puget Sound. In this blog, we’ll cover the reasons why you want to dress those large windows with motorized window treatments—a downtown living essential luxury.

Keep reading to learn how to take full advantage of your beautiful Seattle views with automated window treatments.

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Comfort and Convenience

Motorized shades and window treatments are all about convenience. While Seattle is not known for a sunny year-round climate, when it's bright, it can get intense through large windows. Motorized shades filter or block the sun if it's too bright at specific types of day, depending on the shading material used. Control the window treatments with a touch of a button, a voice command, or a programmed scene.

When you pair your automated window treatments with other smart home technologies like thermostats and lighting control, you can harness natural light, reduce your need for artificial lighting, and help your HVAC system work more intelligently. With the right shading material, you don't have to block your beautiful view either.

An Abundance of Styles and Fabrics

Some people think going with automated shades might be limiting in terms of styles and fabrics, but nothing could be further from the truth. Our lighting and shading control partner Lutron makes a variety of styles, from ultramodern shades to motorized tracks for more traditional drapes. The large offering of Lutron window treatment materials allow you to customize your look with fabrics and colors that let in filtered light or block sunlight entirely.

Ease of Installation

Another misconception about motorized window treatments is they are difficult to install. If retrofitting is a necessity, you'll be happy to know that various shading solutions run on long-lasting batteries and offer wireless control. Installing these is not much more difficult than standard window treatments. Of course, if you are remodeling or finishing a new unit, a wired system gives you a maintenance-free and supremely flexible solution.

Add Resale Value to Your Home

In some homes where owners have spent considerable money and energy in choosing windows treatments that enhance the interiors, future buyers are willing to pay for that value. Motorized window treatments function the same way—they not only add style but also everyday luxury and convenience. Another selling point is the potential energy savings from effectively utilizing natural light and managing interior temperature efficiently year-round.

Wipliance is a trusted partner for smart home technology integration. In fact, we’re a preferred partner for three major Seattle high-rise properties: the Koda, Nexus, and Spire projects. If you want to explore all the possibilities with motorized window treatments for your home, call us today at (425) 702-8600, fill out our online form, or chat with us using the button near the bottom of your screen. We look forward to working with you.

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