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7 Standout Features of Smart Home Automation Isn’t Your Run-of-the-Mill Voice Control Platform

7 Standout Features of Smart Home Automation

“What makes different from Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant?” That’s a question we hear often, and we hope to answer it here. The simple answer is that isn’t just voice control for your smart home devices but a smart home automation platform with a focus on voice control.

While Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can still be fine options for controlling your Redmond, WA home by voice, offers a tier of luxury, privacy, scalability, and reliability that other voice control platforms can’t. Keep reading to discover seven standout features of below.

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Your Echo and Google Home speakers do a lot, from answering trivia questions to singing songs. While they also connect with home control systems like Control4, they’re not built exclusively for home automation. This makes their functionality and performance limited and less intuitive than a platform like is purpose-built for home automation to deliver an effortless and exciting living experience through intuitive control methods like voice and touch. It integrates seamlessly with a multitude of class-leading smart home control systems and devices. In exchange for learning rhymes and math, focuses its power on creating a simple, intuitive platform for commanding your connected home. Can Multi-Task

Through its proprietary Natural Language Processing technology, understands natural, complex commands with ease. There’s no need to repeat the wake word for each command or even memorize specific names for rooms or devices. For example, tell Josh to “dim the lights, close the shades, and play Tom Petty in the dining room.” Then turn up the volume by saying, “turn it up.” Josh will understand. Is Room-Aware

Every Josh Micro speaker and Nano microphone is room-aware, which makes commanding your smart home much simpler and intuitive. Rather than remembering the name of the room you’re in, just tell Josh to “turn up the lights” and watch as the lights illuminate in only the room you’re in.

You can also create scenes with the same name but for different rooms, and Josh will know the difference. Your “Good Morning” scene in the kitchen will trigger different devices than the “Good Morning” scene in the bedroom, but Josh will know where you are and which one to activate. Is Always Learning uses machine learning to take note of your habits and help make your life easier. It can turn lights off and set the alarm before bed and start a playlist when you get home from work. Use the Josh app on your smartphone or tablet to view proactive recommendations for you based on the time of day or the state of your home. The more you interact with Josh, the smarter your home becomes. Stores and Processes Everything Locally

Rather than processing your commands through the cloud, Josh stores and processes information locally to ensure the safety of your data and privacy. Josh never shares your data for marketing purposes, and it gives you control over all the information it collects. Should you decide to review your chat history and make adjustments, such as erasing the data that Josh has collected, you can. While Josh delivers a better smart home experience by learning your patterns, you can decide what Josh remembers and forgets. Is Designed to Disappear

Popular smart home speakers aren’t necessarily intrusive, but Josh takes discreet design to a whole new level with its brand-new Nano architectural microphone, the first of its kind. Just slightly larger than a quarter, the Nano is small and mighty, built to control the largest and most complex smart homes.

The Nano mounts flush to your wall and wires back to a centrally located Josh Core processor, which acts as the brain of the smart home. Nanos are room-aware, can be covered in various finishes, and are built to work with and respond through your existing home audio system. Is Installed by Professionals

Unlike consumer-grade voice control systems, is a custom-tailored solution that’s exclusively installed and supported by certified technology professionals. When you have a team of trained and experienced professionals designing, installing, and servicing your system, you can rest confidently knowing that every interaction you have with Josh will be effortless, intuitive, and reliable for everyone in your home.


Ready to get Josh? Reach out to the certified dealers at Wipliance to discuss your project! Contact us here or send us a message in the chat box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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