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Get to Know Lutron’s RadioRA 2 Wireless Lighting Control System

Learn How RadioRA 2 Stands Out Among Other Lutron Wireless Lighting Control Systems

Get to Know Lutron’s RadioRA 2 Wireless Lighting Control System

Since their invention of the simple rotary dimmer in the early 1960s, Lutron has grown to be the leader in smart lighting control solutions. Their four residential control systems accommodate a wide range of homes and budgets, from single-room applications to expansive properties.

In this blog, we’re focusing on RadioRA 2, a comprehensive and fully wireless Lutron lighting control system (that controls shades and thermostats, too). RadioRA 2 also stands apart from other wireless-only Lutron control systems in several ways, which we’lldiscuss below.

Read on to learn aboutRadioRA 2 and decide if it’s the right lighting system for your Tempe, AZ home!

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Perfect for Retrofit Applications

Because RadioRA 2 is wireless, it’s a perfect control system for existing homes. Installation is simple, with no need to gut drywall to rewire lights and other appliances. RadioRA 2 is also scalable, which means you can start with smart lightingcontrol in one room and then expand to other areas later.AddLutron wireless window treatments and wireless temperature sensors to your system, too.

Unlike Lutron’s other wireless-only control systems, RadioRA 2 integrates with the Lutron Connect app, which offers incredible features like easy remote management of your home, automatic adjustments of devices when leaving or departing, new light, and shade scene creation, battery status alerts, and more.

Features a Wide Array of Elegant Wall Keypads

Of course, a mobile app isn’t your only method of control. Create the perfect atmosphere in one or multiple rooms with customized wall keypads, switches, and dimmersA single button can trigger a scene that adjusts lights, shades, and temperature simultaneously for morning and evening, as well as for occasions like movie night or reading. The scenes are up to you! RadioRA 2 supports up to 200 connected devices and offers wireless coverage for up to 7,500 squarefeet of space.

When you choose RadioRA 2 over the Caséta or RadioRA Select wireless-only control systems, you’ll have a much wider selection of wall keypad styles to choose from. Add distinct character to your home with ultra-modernarchitectural Grafik T dimmers, switches, and hybrid keypads, or choose from Lutron’s vast collection of designer SeeTouch keypads. Finishes are available in gloss, matte, and satin, and color options are plentiful.

Compatible with Beautiful LED Fixtures from Ivalo

Dress up your home with luxury LED pendants and sconces from Ivalo, and seamlessly control them with your RadioRA 2 system. Ivalo offers high-quality aesthetic lighting fixtures that enliven your spaces while lowering your energy consumption. You’ll love the statement that these fixtures make in your spaces.

You can also take advantage of warm dimming through the Ivalo Finiré Prime collection of recessed lighting fixtures. These high-performance fixtures provide a warm, incandescent look and feel with the benefits of LEDs. Smoothly transform the brightness and color temperature of your lights from 3000K to 1800K and enjoy a cozy ambiance for date night or relaxation before bed.

Supports Advanced Temperature Control

When you integrate smart thermostats with RadioRA 2, you can control thetemperature from keypads and mobile devices, as well as create energy-saving schedules using the Lutron Connect app. Add wireless temperature sensors in your commonly used rooms to ensure precision comfort on demand. These sensors read the temperature of the room they’re in and send that information to your HVAC controller, which will act on that information to keep you comfortable all day long.

You can also add flush-mounted Lutron seeTemp wall controls to your commonly used rooms for quick temperature adjustment wherever control is desired. Lutron seeTemp wall controls can be ganged with dimmers and keypads or installed on their own. They’re also available in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Take the first step to better lighting and home control with Lutron RadioRA 2. As a certified Lutron dealer, Wipliance would love to work with you. Get started by contacting us here or using the live chat box below to speak to a team member today.

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