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Help Curb the Spread of Germs with No-Touch Lighting Controls

Lutron Offers Versatile Hands-Free Approaches for Easy Command of Home Lighting

Help Curb the Spread of Germs with No-Touch Lighting Controls

Amid the health crisis, you’ve likely been practicing ways to reduce your risk and help curb the spread of germs. Of course, good hygiene habits shouldn’t start and stop with the coronavirus. While the social distance requirement will eventually lift, it’s always a good idea to wash your hands and keep surfaces clean to maintain a healthy home.

If you want a more high-tech approach to curbing the spread of germs, no-touch smart home devices can certainly help. For example, a Lutron lighting control system offers various hands-free approaches to commanding your lights so that you can avoid ever touching on-wall keypads and handheld remotes.

Read below to learn three ways you can use Lutron lighting control in your Scottsdale, AZ home to operate lights without lifting a finger.

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Occupancy Sensors

Say goodbye to manual light switches when you upgrade to occupancy sensors. Lutron sensor-equipped switches turn the lights on when movement is detected in a room so you can avoid touching on-wall surfaces. Then, once foot traffic is gone, your lights turn off on their own.

Occupancy sensors are ideal for better sanitation, but they also work great in rooms where lights are commonly left on, such as kids’ rooms or the pantry. Place occupancy sensors in your laundry room and garage too so you can safely walk in and out with hands full of clothes or groceries.

If you don’t have to touch light switches in spaces like the bathroom, you don’t have to wipe them down. Lutron occupancy sensors work with any bulbs and fixtures and even feature ambient light detection so that they stay off when there’s enough natural light in the room.

Voice Control

Of course, occupancy sensors don’t make sense everywhere. How aggravating it would be to have to get up and move every five minutes to activate the lights when you’re reading in the living room or working in the home office. With voice control, you can still adjust lights to your liking without using your hands.

Voice control provides a convenient, hands-free control point for all your lights. Amazon Alexa integrates seamlessly with Lutron lighting control systems through Lutron Connect to deliver complete and cohesive control of lights from anywhere in the home. Ask Alexa to dim the lights in the media room, turn on the porch lights, or even turn off all the lights in your home at once. If you the prefer Google or Apple voice assistants, Lutron works with those as well.


Scheduling your lights to turn on and off on their own at a specific time is another sanitary benefit to Lutron lighting control. While light schedules may not prove worthy for all areas of the home, you could automate your exterior lights to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise. You could also automate certain light fixtures to turn on after dark so that your home is properly lit no matter the time of day.

Automating your lights to adjust on their own not only helps you avoid touching surfaces, but it also makes life a little easier. Take full advantage of your Lutron control system by integrating motorized shades and smart thermostats to work in tandem with your lights for a convenient, comfortable, energy-efficient, and more sanitary home.

While these no-touch approaches to lighting control won’t guarantee a germ-free home, they will certainly minimize the chance you’ll touch a contaminated surface. As a certified Lutron dealer, Wipliance can help you upgrade your home lighting system with these hands-free solutions. Contact us here or send us a live chat below to begin planning your project today.

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