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Introducing the Big Bollard for Bigger Outdoor Sound

The New Bollard Speaker by Origin Acoustics Enhances the Performance of Your Outdoor Sound System

Introducing the Big Bollard for Bigger Outdoor Sound

Last year, premiere outdoor speaker manufacturer Origin Acoustics introduced its line of Bollard loudspeakers to bring both an artful touch and a beautiful listening experience to any outdoor environment in Phoenix, Arizona and beyond.

The 2-way loudspeaker, with its 360-degree acoustic lens and buried even-range subwoofer, was an instant hit for homeowners looking for an evenly distributed outdoor sound system with modern aesthetics and durable design.

Now, Origin Acoustics has expanded its luxury line of Bollard loudspeakers to bring homeowners the Big Bollard for an even more powerful audio experience in their backyards. Keep reading to explore the notable features of the Big Bollard, as well as some other new additions from Origin Acoustics!

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The Big Bollard

True to their mantra of building competitors’ future products today, Origin Acoustics introduced the Big Bollard at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo in Colorado this past September to give homeowners what they’ve been asking for: a larger speaker option for different outdoor scenarios.

The Big Bollard features an impressive—and much bigger—10-inch burial subwoofer, which ports out of the loudspeaker’s sleeve. While the two-way loudspeaker in the Big Bollard is also several inches bigger than the loudspeaker in the standard Bollard, Origin Acoustics was able to keep the width of the Big Bollard at just 7-7/8 inches so that the speaker still blends in nicely with its surroundings.

Origin Acoustics’ goal with the Big Bollard was to keep a similar design aesthetic by using the same audio components and high-end finishes as the standard Bollards while increasing the audio performance so that perhaps only a pair is needed to fill an entire yard or pool area. They’ve certainly achieved it.

The Big Bollard will be available in Q1 of 2020 and will come in both round and square sleeves with a silver or black finish.

The New Bollard Light

Origin Acoustics also announced a new addition to its standard Bollard loudspeaker: The Bollard Light. Now your standard Bollard loudspeakers can help illuminate your backyard while producing beautiful music after the sun sets.

The Bollard Light is compatible with 12V low-voltage lighting systems, has a quick-release top for easy maintenance, and takes common MR16 bulbs. You can also expect the Bollard Light to be available in Q1 of 2020.

Why Choose Origin Acoustics?

One of the most important ingredients to any outdoor activity is music. While it may seem easy enough to carry a Bluetooth speaker outdoors, it’s not as easy to keep your music from drowning away among the wide-open spaces of your backyard.

Origin Acoustics offers a variety of turnkey, weather-proof speaker solutions that deliver a robust and reliable outdoor soundscape for environments of all terrains. From their luxury Bollards and hidden satellites to their on-wall stereo speakers and more, each solution delivers high-fidelity audio that evenly covers your backyard while adding subtle beauty to your outdoor spaces.

Get more out of your backyard by blanketing it with a sophisticated, high-end sound system. You’ll find that every outdoor activity, whether it’s a holiday party or an evening of peaceful solitude, will be that much more enjoyable.

Our team at Wipliance can help you select the perfect outdoor speakers for your backyard. To learn more about the offerings from Origin Acoustics, give our team a call at (480) 771-5500, fill out our online contact form here, or send us a chat below to connect with a team member today. We look forward to serving you!

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